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STYLE: WIW To Church (The White and Green Concept)

Hello sweethearts! How are you doing on this lovely Sunday? Tell me you are having fun and went to church like I did. :)

WIW: The White and Green Concept

Before I show off WIW to church, let's bless our hearts from the sermon we heard in the gathering of God's people. I hope you took some notes.

It was an anointing service. My pastor preached on the topic; THE SIEGE IS OVER. The context was taken from 2Kings 6:24-30.

Highlights of the topic

1. A siege is anything that attacks, hurts, limits or stops your miracles and blessings. It causes frustration, depression and hopelessness. 
2. A siege is a tool used by the devil to truncate a person's destiny. It stops a person from fulfilling God's purpose. 
3. A siege can be physical (sickness), spiritual, financial, mental, emotional and psychological. It can also be inherited. 

Prayer point: Father, let Your anointing destroy every siege in my life in Jesus' name. Amen.

It was indeed a wonderful service. Share from the sermon you heard too. :)

Okeydokey, let's move on to WIW. I told you in a previous post that I will be wearing green all through this month. Yeah? I'm doing so. I've never appreciated the colour as much I do now. It's doing me toritori.

See pictures of What I Wore to church last week . . .

white + green + blue
I love the floral pattern on the skirt. It's very feminine. 

Getting a location (between home and church) with grasses and trees to accentuate the white and green concept was not easy o. Kudos to all photographers in the world . . . now I know a little about what they go through. Lol.

Green and blue is quite a lovely combination. Loveenit! 

With these few pictures of me, I hope I've been able to convince you (and not to confuse you) that green is an awesome colour which expresses nature and the environment. Thank you. 

God is not through with blessing us. 2015 can only get better. For surely, it shall end in praise.

Stay green.
See you tomorrow.

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