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It's Weekend. Let's Play Ten-ten!

I so love today's date! The tenth day in the tenth month. It's such a ten-ten kinda day. May the rest of the year be ten times better than it had started in Jesus' name. Amen. (more like a zero added for you*winks*)

It's Saturday. Let's play a game of ten-ten. You in?  :D

Ten-Ten Game

I like games that task the mind and the eyes. Games that make us think and become aware of who and where we are. I personally believe fun is when we learn, grow and share with one another. Yeah.

My game post may appear somewhat weird tho. Just so you know. See previous games here

I hope this works. I call it "Ten-ten". You are to answer one out of the following ten questions:

  1. Mention a TEN letter word. And explain the meaning of the word (possibly give examples too). 
  2. Write an inspirational quote with only TEN words. 
  3. List TEN things you can see around you right now. 
  4. Tell us TEN amazing (or awkward) things about you. 
  5. Who are your top TEN celebrities? 
  6. Recommend TEN books you currently have in your personal library. 
  7. List TEN things you have in your bag, wallet, or pocket right now. (as the case may be) 
  8. What is the difference between TEN and TENTH? 
  9. On a scale of TEN, how wonderful has the year been for you? And why? 
  10. AMAKAMEDIA is a TEN letter word. What can you say about that?

Rules of the game:
  • Don't choose the same number as the person before you. But you can choose any other number even when it has already been chosen.
  • Abbreviations are prohibited. Write in full. 
  • Don't do ojoro. (Laughs
Note: You can choose as many questions as you want. However, you have to answer one question at a time in the comment box.

Not too hard. Shey? Alrightie, let the game begin!

* * * * * * * * * 
* * * * * *

Lemme go first: I pick #3

I am on the bed as I type now. So I'm apparently in my quiet cozy room. The TEN things I see around me include:
1. A bed
2. A reading table
3. A standing mirror
4. A wardrobe
5. A calendar
6. A pressing iron
7. Piles of Books
8. A wall clock
9. A ceiling fan
10. A laptop

 Oya, your turn. . . throw the dice!  :)

Created by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Follow on Twitter: @Amakamedia 
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

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