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Words With Amaka - beret

That awkward moment when everybody in your church calls it "beret" and you know it is wrong. What do you do?

Let's join hands together and ensure that all choristers, ushers, fashionistas, and everybody know the right pronunciation. Preach ye the gospel.  *rme*

Lesson 5
Word of the Day: beret

Meaning: a round hat with a tight band around the head and a top that is flat, soft, and loose

Pronunciation: "beret" is a French word. Are you guilty of giving life to the "t" ?  Repent today and put way the "t" because it does not exist when pronouncing the word.

Wrong = \ bə-ˈret \
Right = \ bə-ˈrei \

Listen below:

If you were guilty before now, you are hereby discharged and acquitted. Go and sin no more. Don't forget to spread the word o. :) 

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
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