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Is There Any Good News in all These?

Do you know that moment when you find yourself biting your pen? It happens when you're faced with a difficult question in the exam hall, when you don't know what to write and sometimes when you can't seem to get something. Phew! I caught myself doing that today.

As I was sourcing news stories, I felt so depressed, and almost frustrated. I was losing hope, joy and life. It's never dawned on me as much as it does now, that the media is obsessed with bad news. Violence and immorality everywhere! *cries in pain*
It's no news that bad news far out-weighs good news in the media these days. It is all about killings, bombings, crashes, crimes and all bad things. *sighs* I believe everything in life has bad news and good news. And the entire truth is found in the combination of both. Emphasizing one side at the expense of another is not the whole truth. But why do we over-report the bad news? Because it sells. Yes, true.

But like seriously, why do people love to transmit and receive bad news? *in Yoruba-accent* It is today that I now want to come and know o. The truth is, we readily transmit bad news because it provokes emotions, discussions and preparedness. When we know there's a threat to our lives, we react. Bad news helps us prepare for the future, unlike good news. Or which do you even prefer?

Anyway, Amaka has decided to share the good news that the media wouldn't (or lay emphasis on). Oh yes! You will be shocked that there are good news too. I don't know but I've got to suck out the good from the bad. Can I do this? Yes. Grace is all I need.

I need the news that inspires, gives hope and give life. I need the news that will make me say; "Thank you, Lord". I need the news that will make me smile. I need the news with positive rays. I need me some Good news. Good news!

To start with, as I write for Uche and Moyo, I'd link back only the good part of the news. And maybe lessons from the bad news too. It's a bit of entertainment, music and gossip good gist. Mehn, I'm as surprised as you are too.

You know when light appears, darkness gives way. Let's make the black turn to white. If you've got some good news, please share.
HEART RAYS... giving out the light.

Sit back. Relax and Stay tuned. Lemme go find some good news. :)

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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia 
Email: amakamedia@gmail.com


Concept said...

Nice pic.

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Thanks, Concept.
This post is more than a pic tho ;)

Godwin Amadi said...

This is a great idea! I am sticking around.

I love your blog! So unique.

Anonymous said...

In journalism, bad news is good news. Good news might be bad news.

Owooh said...

keep up with what you do. You will get there somehow trust me...

Ebele said...

Thank you Amaka, it’s very encouraging to find fellow Christians using modern tools to further the gospel! Keep up the great work!

somebody said...

Good news na bad market o

Bukola A said...

way to go girl!

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