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The Need of a Spiritual Father

You know that moment when you take a cute selfie which you so admire and feel like showing it to somebody? I had a moment like that today. . .

The Need of a Spiritual Father

I had just washed my hair. I looked in the mirror and I realized how lovely my natural hair looks. My hair's actually been covered in the extensions for months. So I'd missed its natural bounce and elasticity. I was like O-M-G. Spontaneously, I took a picture of my beautiful natural African hair. And I loved it!

Trust me, I changed my Display Picture on BBM immediately. I shouldn't be late for church, so I got dressed and went to church. It was an awesome service in God's presence.

When I got back home, I switched on my phone. Yes, I looked at the newest picture of me again. I kept staring at it for minutes. I really liked it!

I uploaded it on Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook too. As usual, I got the "likes", "retweets" and "you look good" comments. I was proud of myself, I must say.

Some hours later, I got a call from a friend. He told me how he found my picture funny. I had thought he was only teasing. Thereafter, I got another call from the one I call "Gran pa". I was anxious. He's a spiritual father.

A spiritual father protects, guides, corrects, encourages, exhorts and inspires the son. He helps the son to walk closer with God. He sees the gifts in the son and harnesses it.
A spiritual father anchors a son to his character and purpose.  He is a pastor, mentor and teacher. When you read 1Corinthians 4:15, you'll find Apostle Paul to be one.

"What are you telling the world through that picture you posted on Facebook?" The question he had asked kept ringing in my heart. Then it dawned on me, it was only a show off. It had no real message, no positive rays. Oh! I've erred.

God's mercy endures. A son must heed to corrections to grow. He must be willing to listen, to learn and to be stronger. So I deleted it from everywhere I'd posted it earlier.   
Did I also tell you I had just had my bath? And so my shoulders were bare. But here it's been cropped.

There is a need for spiritual fathers. They keep us in check. Bishop David Oyedepo said: If you want to go further, then you get a father.

Dear, do you have a spiritual father? By the way, check out that picture again before you click on the post button. You just never know who you might be killing.

I specially thank God for Evang. Oko Joshua today. God bless my "gran pa". 

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia

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