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God Bless the Month I was Born

I enjoy hanging out with friends and family. Being together makes us enjoy the fun, the laughter, the experience and the journey much more. These moments mean so much that I had to write #BringBackOurMoments. They are priceless.

So on one of the occasions, as we got talking, sharing the stories and having the fun of our lives, I got into a playful argument with a friend who was born in the Month of January. She ranted that January being the month she was born is the best month of the year. I don't agree! Or what do you think?

I think June is the best month of the year. In fact, I know it is. Here . . .
  • Say "June" and be Cute
You cannot say "June" and not be cute. Now try it. You see? You pouted. June makes you look beautiful. And beautiful things happen in June.

So next time when you find someone showing a pout, you can tell he is either saying "June" or just about to.  I don't know if that can explain my love for kisses too.

  •  6 is Sexy
June is the sixth month of the year. Six denotes. It's so sexy to say six. Hey, brother and sister, being "sexy" is not a bad thing. Sexy means to be appealing and glamorous. I actually got a new sexy bag yesterday. It doesn't mean what you were thinking when you hear the word "sex". No.

Those born in June are sexy creatures. Check us out. We are the beautiful, handsome, excitingly appealing, fashionable, good-looking, charming, bright and colourful ones.

  • June doesn't End there
Yes, that's not all, June doesn't just end in June, it also continues to July. i.e JUNEly=July. I just can't get enough of June. Isn't it wonderful to know that June appears twice in a year? *tongue out*

Let those born in June say: 

"God bless the month I was born!" *grins* and even the date more. 

Now your turn, what's so special about your month of birth? Don't just talk, show evidence. Leggo!

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@gmail.com


Amaka Hundeyin said...

June??? Duuh!!! Move aside mami.
July is the best month of the year and seven is the perfect number.. Seven in two places is awesomeness defined*tongue out*

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

July. Yea, it's the best after June.
Like I said, it's an extension of June.
So, that expains it. *winks*

susan said...

You guys be joking, December rocks. from 1st to 31st, Everyone is happy and smiling, Its a month where all moods come into play, joyful, happy, sad, reflective mood thinking of what happened in the month of july and june RME!!.
Besides everybody has a December story to tell! winks* cant shout!!!



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