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Whose Report will you Believe about Ebola?

All the while, I'd beat myself for having nothing to write about Ebola. It was a hot topic for discussions. Everyone had something to say - from its history to its signs and symptoms. And I didn't know where to stand with my pen.
But today, with all gratitude and excitement I write on Ebola. Yay!

Nigeria is declared Ebola-free

This morning, I heard on the radio that The World Health Organization was preparing to declare Nigeria free of Ebola. I had kept my fingers crossed and hoping to scream for joy before I go to bed.

And then at noon, it was on the news that we are officially free of Ebola. This is good news out of many bad news. I'm so grateful to the God of Nigeria. He delivered us. Yes o!

Nigeria rose up to the challenge, in unity we overcame and today, the world celebrates us. This is indeed the day that the Lord has made.

But we need to keep in mind that these things are only based on scientific facts. They are likely to change. I'm saying the report might not be forever. What if the WHO was wrong? What if the report changes tomorrow? Hmmm. . .

So it got me asking whose report will you believe about Ebola? The WHO, some people or God?

It's actually a song by Ron Kenoly, we used to sing in church: "Whose report will you believe?" The next line says, "We shall believe the report of the Lord", the chorus then confirms, "His report says I am healed! His report says I am filled! His report says I am free! His report says victory!"

We should put our hope in God. Na only God sure pass o

Meanwhile, let's celebrate our success story. We survived!

God bless everyone praying for a better Nigeria.

Ehm Biko, lemme quickly add that I struggled with sleep to complete this post before 11:59pm today. lol. Ok, now I can go to bed. :) 

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Written by: Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@gmail.com


Bosun said...

And you disturbed us on BBM all day. lol. You make sense sha :p

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

hahaha... you!
Thanks sha.

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