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Nice! 4000 Teachers were Recruited in Kebbi State

As I was moping on why I couldn't sew with my sewing machine. Bukky (my dearest friend) asked me whether there was no good news today. Ehn! I must find o. I had almost taken the next available flight to search around the world when I found one right in Nigeria. Yipee!

4000 Teachers were recruited in Kebbi state
It's good to know that somewhere in Nigeria, the government is taking education serious.

According to Punch, the Kebbi State Executive Council had approved the recruitment of 4000 teachers to be deployed to secondary schools in the state. The council has also directed the Civil Service Commission to release employment letters to the newly employed teachers.

The News Agency of Nigeria recalls that out of 20000 teachers who applied for the job, 8000 was considered for training and only 4000 was employed. Congratulations to those who made it through. It was obviously a tough one.

Nigeria is moving. It is the point you stand that determines whether it is a forward fall or a backward slide. *eyes roll*

God bless Nigeria.

(News Source: The Punch)

HEART RAYS. . . giving out the light.

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Lilian 0 said...

*smiling* Somebody is making us proud. Maami I know say one day you go hammer . No forget us o. Well done. Your blog is lovely.

Don said...

My only worry is if this teachers will do their job. Everybody want to work for the government because of job security ish. Keep updating us dear

Anonymous said...

I don't trust this government

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