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STYLE: One Unexpected Thing That Makes Your Outfit Shine

Boom, pop! Ghen-ghen! oh, wow! If those are what you want people to say when they see your final put-together outfit, then this is the shoe colour for you.

Red Shoes Popping

You know those days when it feels like you are wearing the same outfits over and over again, and it just gets a bit boring, huh? Try playing with colours!

The tip on adding that “pop” is to keep the majority of things subtle and pick one or two areas to make a bold statement. It's often the little things that make a big difference, and a pop of colour can have a HUGE impact on your outfit.

A CONTRASTING COLOUR is what makes your outfit shine.

And when you are in doubt, try something red!

Red pieces (bags, accessories, shoes, belts, etc) are in many ways a statement piece, and you can incorporate them into your wardrobe when you’re looking for something to cook your style sweet.

Out of all the red-everything, I believe every woman should have at least a pair of red shoes in her wardrobe. It’s an unmistakably vibrant pull that gives a stylish ray to many outfits.
Red is powerful. Red is adventurous. Red is goodness, it’s perfect for lifting your mood.

I honestly didn't catch the drift about my outfit until I saw Christianah's shoes. Seeing her shoes got me excited for #StyleLikeAmaka, which also ignited this Red Shoes Popping post. I like how she rocked her red shoes - with black. Wearing monochromatic colours is a good place to start when thinking of outfits with red shoes.

You will look great when you wear colours that contrast with red, such as black, navy or blue. Wearing clothes in dark hues can add some stylish detail to an outfit with red shoes.

Who shined brighter? Lol

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If someone asked me what to wear with red shoes, I’d likely tell them my personal favourite way of styling them: with black! In particular, red shoes and black with any neutral top will look fab. But nothing beats a creamy white shirt with black skirt and a fab pair of red shoes!

*whispers* Red shoes make even the cheapest things look expensive.

If you’re more daring with fashion, you can add a pair of red shoes to completely contrast a pink, green or purple outfit. Style is personal, isn't it!? So whatever you choose to pair with your red shoes, you will shine!

Stay inspired.
What's one thing that makes your outfit pop? Red shoes? 😀

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