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Dear Diary, All My Friends Are Getting Married Again

Hi Sweethearts! How was your weekend? I was eager to share about how my weekend went with you right after attending another wedding on Saturday but honestly, it's not coming out nice. I have deleted my introductory paragraphs more than twice. Here is what my draft had been like since Sunday until noon today . . .

I'm Not Married Yet

Today I'm like:

I blog blood. I blog tears. And I blog smiles.

Sometimes I wish I could write anonymously. Sometimes I wish I could tell the truth without giving myself away. Sometimes I wish I could be the blogger who only shares with the world about what she wears, what she knows, and what she has come to discover through her journey with God, without necessarily sharing what she genuinely feels in her heart. But, then, if I am that blogger who hides, maybe I wouldn't have counted the third year of being here.

Sometimes I write stuff that makes me cover my face in shame. Sometimes I write things that could make a potential suitor afraid to approach me. Sometimes I think I give myself off away too much. Sometimes I think I should stop sharing personal lessons and stories. But, then, if I do not write the words I am ashamed of, maybe the words I am proud of would never exist.

I rip my heart open and I pour out the words.

Well, this is neither a bloody, nor a teary, nor a happy entry . . .

Not too long ago, I asked three of my favourite friends, or I should say closest male friends who are fine husband materials whether they have women in their lives or proposing to any one soon, they confirmed they did. Two out of them told me I was on the "Consideration List". Lol. So I asked both why they hadn't asked me to marry them yet. One told me he was still praying and the other said he had not decided on who is his.

Apart from these two guys, I don't know who else has me on their "consideration List". *waves* Hey bro, am I on your list? 

I am not at the point of desperation to get married. And I pray not to. I just think it's OK to get real and ask my male friends directly. Maybe because I know they are my friends and they like me. So, officially letting them know about my "I-am-single-and-waiting-to-be-found" status is not a bad thing. Lol!

Besides, I hear it's best to marry your friend.


Yesterday, I was like:

Among the prophecies for 2017 was, "many weddings bells shall ring and many who are single shall become married". So it wasn't a surprise that I spent the very first Saturday of the year at a wedding party. Thereafter, invitations to attend four weddings the next two months came by. April to mid-June was quiet, no bell rang. Late-July until now, it's been ringing, yet again. The invitations are rolling in.

And I am amazed seeing the friends who are tying the knots. They are mostly the ones who have either spoken to me about being heartbroken or given off the i-do-not-have-time-for-any-man-in-my-life-right-now vibe. Wow. Can I mention your names, please? You are a testimony oh!

This isn’t one of those bitter "why not me" and "Why am I still single" naughty posts; I'm genuinely happy for my friends. I love them! Of course I want their happiness: for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.

So in the process of seeing beautiful pictures of their engagements/weddings, I have the opportunity to realize once again:


On Sunday, I was like:

As I pick up my pen and write out this title after attending another wedding, I am filled with joy for my coursemate, roommate, and friend who got married to her coursemate and friend.

Both of them are my coursemates, so both of them are my friends.

It was a glorious day. In fact, it was so glorious that I couldn’t help but wonder whether I’d accidentally gate-crashed a film set. You may be cajoled to think that it was another 'The Wedding Party Reloaded' movie. The hall was beautifully decorated and was shining, the flowers, lights, and arrangements were delicately fitting. And my friend simply looked stunning. In her wedding gown. She looked so happy. And I was am so happy for her.

That was a big moment in my friends’ lives and I'm glad to be there to celebrate with them - dancing like it was mine, even though I was a bit off-beat.

Have you seen the video on Instagram?

A post shared by Nwamaka Ajaegbu (@amakamedia) on


On Saturday, I was like;

Oh, my! I am having so much fun at #TheIceWedding. It is a beautiful and dreamy wedding. The lovey-dovey music be making me all mushy-mushy. Gosh! I feel like getting married like right now.

(Those on my WhatsApp contacts had a feel of my mood because I kept updating my WhatsApp status with pictures and videos. Many seized the opportunity to ask me when my day would come. I simply lol-ed over it).

Wedding bells are ringing. If you are single without a plus-one, going to social events like weddings can be challenging.

Tip: Be INTENTIONAL about attending weddings. Go there with the sole aim to celebrate and have fun with your friends. You will be prepared for emotionally triggering moments of depression and loneliness. Look good and make a plan to shine brightly instead of feeling "I am not married yet".

Lol. Yeah, you are not married yet. So?

P.S Oops. This turned out to be a long post cos I used a big screen. One line on the screen makes 4 lines on a mobile phone. I didn't realize.

Help me decide, which day had the best draft? Are you cool with flaunting your relationship status in public?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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