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One Thing I Like About God

When our "I love God" becomes nothing less than an expression of doing-bound services, we may need to take a look at what we mean by love.

I Like God

I checked for the word 'like' in my most favourite English dictionary, Merriam-Webster;

Like means to get pleasure from simply being with someone.

Then I checked the word 'love' in the same dictionary;

Love is a feeling of strong affection for someone. 

I looked at both meanings intently, and come to the conclusion that I want to like God.

I know the Bible commands us to "love God with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your mind" (Mathew 22:37)

At the same time, I know that when I like God, His word, His presence, His activity in my life, I love Him more deeply too. So I want to work on liking God more, even though I may never stop loving Him.

Liking God may help us to think about God liking us too. I hope this doesn't sound too touchy-feely. But what I mean is that, for some strange reason, saying that "I like God" has more punch than "I love God." Maybe because the "I love God" phrase has been so overused and misused. Or, maybe because I think that since I am "supposed to" love God, I have no choice but to love Him. 

I know and believe God loves me but I want God to like me!

Talking about liking, Jesus called his disciples "friends" (John 15:15). I choose to think He didn't just love them, He also liked them.

It's funny that my desire to like God and the realization that He likes me was inspired by an act of sin. Lol. I can be stubborn.

Last night I was praying to God in the spirit, I prefer to speak in tongues when my mind condemns me or isn't co-operating with God's truth. Few minutes after, I found myself  honestly pouring my heart to Him about how much I love Him yet I do things that displease Him. The next thing I found myself  pleading was, "Lord, can I like you instead?"

I actually hate myself when I do things that God does not like. And I could feel bad for hours, days and even weeks as a result. However, last night, I decided not to condemn myself. I confessed my love for God over and over again.

Me: I like you, Lord!
God: I like you too!

To realize that God likes me as much as He loves me actually overwhelms me. I can imagine Jesus putting His arm around me and saying, "Hey, everyone, have you met my friend, Amaka!" Oh my!

And this is one thing I like about God;

The faithfulness of God is absolute and has been proven many times. It's all in the Bible. Hebrews 6:18 says God cannot lie, neither can He break a promise that He says He will fulfill. By the way, have you read about His faithfulness to me in 2016? He keeps His covenant. Every promise or prophecy comes to pass.

Now here is the juiciest part of this post. In the minutes I was busy praying, God was busy giving Frances, my friend and sister a specific word for me:

God bless you,  Frances. 

If God had a weakness, it would be faithfulness. Like seriously.

"Even if you go astray . . . my word concerning you will come to pass."  Each time I read that message from Frances. I'm like "Ah! God!!! Wow!!!" Not a license for me to sin but the assurance that His word coming to pass in my life is not based on what I do or what I didn't do but on who He is, a faithful friend, is enough to celebrate my relationship with Him everyday.

* * * * * * * 

But if I have to be sincere, I don't always like God everyday — I get mad at Him when certain things don't go my way. I also don't always like God when He is silent. Jeez. I wish He was more of a talkative, more direct, more flashing-lights-in-the-cloud-that-I-couldn't-miss. I don't always like God everyday — I treat Him like a housemaid sometimes. I ask Him to do things for me, sulk when He doesn't, and then go about my day ignoring Him. If I knew that God actually liked me, I just might snap out of my childishness.

I have a deep feeling that growing out of that phase is a major blessing from God in this season.

* * * * * * * 

Sweets, the good news is the fact that God is faithful and just to forgive! God is steadfast, unmoveable, loyal, dedicated, committed, loving, compassionate and unchanging in His promises and in His relationship with us.

In a dynamic world where things are one way today and another tomorrow, our God promises to be faithful. He changes not! He is continually and constantly faithful. Faithful is one of His attributes. He is faithful because He is faithful!

It's a New Week!
Walk in the consciousness of God's faithfulness.
Have a blessed one.
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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