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Highlights From Bishop T.D. Jakes' Session In The Spirit-Life Conference 2017

I am so drunk! This will be a weekend to remember for a looong time! God is doing things this season . . . I pray we be sensitive enough to receive what is needed for our next level.

You know I can't keep it all to myself. A sis gotta share what a sis gotta share. Aha!

Quotes By T.D Jakes At #SLC2017

If all that happened yesterday evening at the Spirit Life Conference could be the end, it would still be regarded as a successful conference considering how I was raised to my feet and thrown flat on the floor by the Spirit! I sobbed my heart out under the weight of glory!

The session tagged "Face To Face" led by the great man of God, Bishop T.D. Jakes was super explosive! God definitely has something big in store for His people.

Lemme not talk too much because I need to freshen up and tune back in within the next few minutes. Here are a few words I jumped, screamed, and clapped at:

- 1 -
"God took you from where you used to be because it was not your destination but your transportation."

- 2 -
"Your future will explain your past."

- 3 -
"It may not make sense now, but be sure God is preparing you for your next level. Don't confuse your transportation for your destination."

- 4 -
"If you've never been in a dry place as a leader, you can't teach anybody how to stay alive."

- 5 -
"God will keep you in a dry place and teach you how to survive when water doesn't flow freely and there are no accolades."

- 6 -
"None of the things that happened to you happened because you are cursed. They happened because you were blessed."

- 7 -
"God wants you to be strong enough to handle anything; so He lets you go through everything."

- 8 - 
"Never assume you're a teacher when God places you somewhere. It's for you to be still and learn. Understand the basics. There is a reason for every season."

- 9 -
"Everyone who's anointed or successful  has known pain. The pain you went through is profitable."

- 10 - 
"Every one key to you may not be keen to you."

- 11 -
"If you've never been in a dry place as a leader, you can't teach anybody how to stay alive."

- 12 -
The reason God protected you is not because you are gifted. It's not because you are anointed. It's not because you're cute. God does not need your talent. He respects your purpose. He has a plan and a purpose, and a role for you to play.

- 13 -
"You grow in the dry place."


The Spirit Life Conference is ongoing at The Rock Cathedral (House on The Rock Church), Lekki – Epe Expressway (4th Roundabout), Lagos.

Please don't miss it. You can stream LIVE.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend?

P.S Photo credit: House On The Rock

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