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STYLE: The Vibes Of Black With Red

There is power in colours. The emotions tied into the colours of clothes we wear are what give the colours their power and meaning. The important question is now: am I giving off the right 'vibe?' Am I wearing the right colours that suit me and my personality?

Black With Red Vibes

I find the field of Colour Science quite fascinating, especially since it's not a huge one (researching my post on 'how colours affect your mood' was way playful than I'd thought it would be). After connecting with my clothes to find out how they affect my mood, I knew I had a very exciting ingredient to add to my Style Statement.

There are certain generally accepted truths about colour combinations, defining which pairs look good and pleasing, and which of them are not even worth imagining. Each colour requires an individual approach, both for combining and for using alone. But most importantly, the consideration is about the vibe they give off.

Black gives off an air of mystery. It indicates authority and sophistication. It is one of the most attention-demanding and intricate ones. I talk about black a lot and I wear it a lot. (Insert black in the search box by the corner of the blog and see what shows up!")

Red? It indicates extroversion, passion, energy, and a personality type that is driven to live fully. People who like red clothes also tend to be aggressive, energetic, and quick in releasing their emotions.

Now, combining black and red is more than a stunning combination!

When mystery and passion come together, the results are demonstrated in pairing black with red. This combination is the perfect gateway to classy and alluring looks, catching everyone’s attention right away.

Bola (my colleague) and I coincidentally wore black and red on the same day, and we decided to capture that day not just in our hearts but also with a camera. These things, I refer to as #StyleLikeAmaka don't happen everyday. So, when it does, Shouldn't it be treated as something special? :D

We've got some good vibes right there. Owing to the fact that we are both born in June, the connection as well as the combination is beyond our clothes.

What's the most personal colour you always reach out for?

P. S Tomorrow is my birthday! And it's a public holiday! Yipee-yipee-yipeee!

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