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Happy Birthday To Me And The Blog!!!

I've been wondering what to write for my birthday and third blogiversary. It's a double celebration!

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My Birthday

It's my birthday! I am excited and I feel a little bit of anxiety too. The clock won’t stop ticking (yet), and there is so much to be done. I continue to believe the purpose of my life is bigger than me, and hope I am doing enough (preparation) to make all my grand dreams come true.

I frequently write and talk about LIVING WITH PASSION, and hope I am actually exploring every day full of life. There is so much living to be done. I want to suck life out of life that life has no life in itself anymore. It's that even possible? Lol. We'll see.

It’s been an interesting journey, with each step chiseling away the rough stone to divulge a figure that can’t be copied or reproduced AND each ray driving away the darkness to reveal the sweetness that can't be forged or destroyed.

Yes, life has thrown me numerous curves. Thankfully, it also prepares me to catch them as well as throw them back . . . and do so more effectively with each passing year.

In any event, I sit in a position where I am open for anything, including the many changes that will come from now on. I welcome them. For life will only get better.

Happy Birthday to me!

Blog Birthday

The most memorable part about celebrating the 3rd year of blogging is having been able to share three years of my life with you. It has brought me so much joy and fulfillment. I wake up thinking of what content I can create, what pictures to share or what thoughts have found its way into my heart. Meeting you in person, hearing you say how much you've learnt or when you slide into my DMs is a constant reminder of how blessed I am that I’ve got to grow up with you through Heart Rays.

It's not my joy that gives me joy. It's the joy I leave in the hearts of people that gives me joy. I count myself blessed to be able to leave a piece of myself in the hearts of many. But I wish above all things that you LIVE with passion - filled with positivity, inspiration and love.

I couldn't have got this far without the support, love and friendship of all my readers sweethearts. I've said it before but it's the relationships I've made along the way - both real and online - that have made it all worthwhile and so enjoyable. Thank you for coming along for the ride.


P.s This day has birthed a deep desire in me. I am longing for something that ONLY God can give. (Next Dear Diary post).

P.s.s Disappointed I didn't get to do the birthday shoot as planned. I owe myself a fun birthday shoot. It's something I feel I have to do.

P.s.s.s The giveaway is still on. Less than 4 days left. Can't wait to announce the winner(s)!

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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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