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Passionate People Suffer For What They Enjoy

Let's talk about passion a little bit more today. I found a definition that had me gasping for air. *mouth still opened*

Suffering With Passion

Life is challenging, unpredictable, and busy. Life throws us lemons (as a speaker said) and curve balls, we get confused, we squeeze the juice out of the lemonade and we swing hoping to find a balance. But how do we keep living with positivity, inspiration and love?

The answer is one word:


I am unapologetic passion-driven. I don't get into an activity if I'm not first compelled to do it by intense feelings. I like to do what I am doing because I love it and cannot imagine doing anything else.

I always, and will always say: DO SOMETHING YOU ENJOY, "FOLLOW YOUR PASSION", Etc. Etc. because it is pretty difficult to give your time and energy (your life) to anything unless you are passionate about it.

I actually don't believe a loving God would have me do something I hate. Some people may pursue categories simply because it drives a good following or it pays big money. Nothing can be as important as joy and peace born out of true passion!

However, recently I learnt there is more to passion than joy and excitement.

I discovered passion is not exactly what excites you, what puts the sparkle in your eyes, the twinkle in your toes, the music in your heart, nah.

Passion is far beyond what's fun. It is pain.

Check this out:

We don’t talk about passion in terms of suffering, but it’s time we started.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines passion as the suffering that Christ endured between the night of the Last Supper and His death. Waahoo! What a thought. No one can imagine the pain Jesus went through within that period all because of the passion He has for you, for me, for the world.

Passion means to have a willingness to suffer in order to fulfill a purpose.

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Passion makes us fierce in the Spirit. It gives us the determination that no one else understands. We refuse to let the devil steal, kill and destroy our passion. Even if it means dying for it, we will!

Have you reached that point of "If I perish, I perish"?

When we have true passion, we cannot quit even if we want to. Passion takes us to the finish line.

Building anything requires A LOT of courage and sacrifice, and there are times when we wonder if it's worth it. Passion keeps us going in times when we want to give up. 

Some days my feelings get on board and ride along with me, but there are some days when they don't. Those are testing days that make me grow and develop character.

I seriously doubt that Jesus "felt" like going to the cross and dying for our sins, but He did it, relying on something much more deeper than His feelings: The passion to please God.

Jesus' passion wasn’t the superficial bliss of what made Him feel good or what excites Him. It was the cross-carrying, blood-rendering and torture-enduring suffering of a Man who understood how and why to sacrifice immediate pleasure for long-term joy.

What is your passion?

The next time you’re asked what you are passionate about, don’t just talk about what makes you feel good or what excites you.

Talk about what you’re WILLING TO SUFFER for.

The Lord is your strength.
Have a terrific week!
Stay inspired.
Stay passionate.

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