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STYLE: 5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Fingernails Long and Healthy

I don't wear artificial nails. My nails are natural, long and healthy. Yeah. Do you want to see them? *grins*

5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Fingernails Long and Healthy

Nails say a lot about your personal style and confidence. Those who wear artificial nails know that a beautiful set of long, natural healthy nails looks classy and sexy attractive.

Some people use certain chemicals to make their nails grow in one week. But I'd rather not. My nails can grow naturally in two months.

These are the simple tips that work for me:

1. Do not bite your nails
Obviously, you cannot grow long and healthy fingernail when you keep biting them. Leave them alone and go chew gum or something.

2. Treat them gently
Pamper your fingernails. Don't be so hard on them. They need some care and love just like you do too.

3. Avoid using them as tools
Your fingernails are not to be used for scraping and scratching things. Do not use them for opening packages. Use something else. 

4. Eat plenty of protein and Vitamin
If your diet is deficient in protein and vitamin, then having long, healthy nails won't work. e.g Lack of vitamin A and calcium causes dryness and brittleness. I take milk, eggs, and nuts. (see walnut)

5. Shape your nails with nail files
You should not use Razor blades. I don't even know how to use those. Learn to shape your nails with nail files. I keep my nails filed and free of splits as much as possible.

Long, healthy natural nails take commitment and special care to grow and maintain. Be patient, the average nail takes 1 to 6 months to grow.

I love my fingernails. See me showing off my finger nails in the pictures here, here and there. Lol.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Any question or contribution?
Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Deborah Anyeasi said...

Your nails are so pretty wooow

I don't do anything special to mine, its always short, i hardly even paint them. Maybe its natural for me to have short nails. Or what do you think I should do to have them as long as yours?

Amakamedia said...

Thanks, sweet Derby! I'd suggest you fast and pray. Lol. jk

Eat lots of protein and drink enough water. You should also check how you file your nails. For instance, I file my nails in one direction at a time. What I mean is, I don't go back and forth when filing my nails, like from left to right. I file in one direction at a time. So if I am filing the right side of my nail I go anti-clockwise and if I'm filing the left side I go clockwise.

One more thing, don't kill yourself. lol. I hope this helps. :)

Deborah Anyeasi said...

Lol. There's nothing to even file. #sigh#

Chioma Dike said...

Your nails look beautiful in this article. Lovely.

Glowyshoe said...

Amaka not all nails can stay long..e.g if your hot soft nails its so likely to break unlike those with hard nails..am usually not comfortable when my nails are long


Sarah said...

I`ve always loved longed nails.And yours are beautiful.

Vicky Wendu said...

This not a guy's thing. I guess long nails always make a womans hands look more feminine. But Some women can't grow long nails nicely and neatly done. They look scary and 'witchy' but yours is awesome. My sister keeps hers close to 1 inch long and squared at the tip. Her job requires her to do a lot of keyboarding...no problems at all. She likes them long and I've never seen her without long nails.

Great post.

Obiri Yaw said...

"Leave them alone and go chew gum or something." lmaooo I do that.

CatwalkWithPAT said...

Now, im going green with envy.
First, I am/was a chronic nail biter **covers face**
then, if I ever grow them, they break easily, I just leave them short now.


lOLA said...

I actually just stumbled on to your blog and I’m surprised to see I’m not the only one who has long healthy nails. Lol. Your nails are beautiful. Thanks for the tips. Do you wash clothes with your hands?

Benn Bayubay said...

i just loved ur tips . they r very useful but i am having a question .
i am actually was a nail bitter but i left that habbit 2 years ago but still my nails dont grow not even a inch

lindaspears said...

Amaka, show off!

Gloria Okaimam said...

Mine can grow long but immediately it's fine enough to be flaunt, it breaks off. I don't bite, i don't use on tools either..


lindaspears said...

I have long nail too. My secret to having long nails is eating plenty of protein. Examples of protein nuts, peas, eggs, meats and beans. I also take a multi vitamin daily, biotin 1000mg twice daily and folic acid 800mg once per day. Keep a nail file with you at all times to fix small cuts in nails. Plus i put olive oil on my nails at night and wear moisturizing gloves at night. My nails are more beautiful that Amaka's own ****rollingeyes***

Claudia said...

i work with my hands all day if i have nails like these. I go wiith the short nails. I love your blog.

Claudia said...

I wanted to say I WON'T work with my nails if I have nails as long as yours

CatwalkWithPAT said...

hmmm lindaspears! all these for your nail?? hian!! I will be trying them out sha. Thanks

Gabbyspeaks said...

I do a lot of work with my hands which affects my nails.. Certainly can't have it this long. It will break off.


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