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Do You Have an Excellent Spirit?

Hello Sweethearts! How are you all doing? How weekend dey go? So I thought to give you something before heading to church.

Do you have an Excellent Spirit?

When we mention "the spirit of excellence", one person comes to mind. Who? Daniel in the Bible.

Daniel had some qualities that only someone with the spirit of excellence can have. The qualities included the following:

Extraordinary Spirit: He was known by others as having a positive attitude, always bringing a fresh perspective to each problem and it gives others hope.

Knowledge and Insight: He was known as a person who is constantly increasing in knowledge and as one who gives wise counsel that always brings understanding.

Interpretation of Dreams: He was described as a person that, whatever circumstances arise, he can always discern what God is saying. He shares God’s perspective, and brings confidence and direction to others.

Unraveling Mysteries: He had a reputation of making difficult issues simple and comprehensible.

Solving difficult problems: He was known as one that others look to when complicated issues arise. He is able to solve these in such a way that everyone benefits and each person feels valued.

Can you rate yourself in each of these qualities. Do you have an excellent spirit?

Excellence is a goal that we must be attain. God is looking for people with the spirit of excellence this season. Are you qualified?

This' not an advert o, it's a personal invitation.
I'll be selfish not to invite you for this programme. It is absolutely free. If you can make it, you better do! I was there last year, and it was super duper awesome! To read the lessons I learnt from the previous convention, Click here

Need more info? Leave a comment. I can't wait for next Saturday. We just might hook up and take a selfie with God. *winks*

I think this world could use a lot more “Daniels”. Let’s ask God to help us develop that spirit of excellence. 

Happy Sunday!
Lemme go and dance in church.
See you tomorrow.

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