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PODCAST: Was Almost There

That moment when we almost got it . . . but didn't. Ouch!

We be like: "God, but why na?!"
God be like: "I have a better plan for you jhorr!" (Jeremiah 12:29)

Rays of Hope. . .

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Have a restful weekend. :)

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


Glowyshoe said...

Amaka uve git a nice voice..this really got me no wonder magic wont let you be... Shey dats how you call yourselves.. Wonder and magic


Sarah said...

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement.

Bayomisquare said...

thank you for this! i really needed to hear these words today. i love your blog…very inspiring! God is using you in SO many ways. I pray that we continue to find strength and faith in God’s word.

Gloria Okaimam said...

Indeed HE is an unquestionable God.. It has happened several when you almost get there and then something happens mehnnnn it's really not easy to smile but i draw strength at that time from the word of God.. Cos i know His thoughts towards me is of good and not of evil..
Thanks dearie for sharing this..


Adenike Bamigbade said...

You almost got me crying but I could definitely see the traces of tears falling down your eyes as well. Thanks for this. God is indeed God and He is the potter, we are just the clay.


Bukola A said...

The message has come to me at the perfect time in my life and I am grateful. This message is a true blessing. Thank you.

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

Spirit if almost there but not getting there is not our portion in Jesus name. We cannot question God, he will make things perfect in his time

Thanks for this wonderful message

Don44 said...

Nice. Amen.

blogoratti said...

What great and insightful thoughts indeed. Nice of you to share!

John de Beloved said...

Oh wow... Bubba... This is the first time I am seeing an audio post... Cooll... I mean super cool... **deep sigh.. You know Yeah Amaka... If I heard this post years ago... Precisely 3 years ago... I would have been really sad... Not cause it put me down (Far from it) but cause I have had so much pain and disappointments in my life Tnot worse than anyboRRy yeah... but enough to break any 20 year old)...but when I learnt to stop trying to solve stuff on my own.. and just Trust it all to GOD... My fears.. Tears and hopes... all to GOD... I started to understand that GOD always has it all figured out... and that at the end of everything yeah... Everything will be alright.. so if everything is not alright at this very moment... then we are not at the end...

Baby mi.. GOD always has a ghen ghen plan for us... so when stuff don't work out yeah... Just know that it ain't yours... but at the end... Your own... Your very customised own... It will come... and no one can stop it. This was an amazing listen... I mean it entered my heart of heart... Thank you for This Amaka... You have a big vision girl... Keep the fire burning... and the crowd goes Yyyyyyyyeeeeaaahhhh mehn.

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