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PODCAST: Are You Drowning?

We've all been there. When life becomes hard and full of crises. When things aren't working out. When everything seems out of control. When you feel like. . . ugh!

But the question is; in the midst of the storm, are you drowning or swimming your way out?

Rays of Life. . .

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It's going to be a long weekend. Enjoy the holiday!

I'll see you on Monday. Stay sweet. 

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia


Chioma Dike said...

Beautiful Amaka. Thanks for the encouragement.

Amole John said...

Wonderful post dear. thanks for sharing and being so open and honest. I think we all have been there from time to time. As far as the strategies I use when life seems overwhelming, two things come to mind, the Word and prayer. I know that may sound like a cliché but for me it is true. I can relate to this.

Zeezee said...

Well, that was just plain awesome! Totally what I needed today. Thank you for sharing and doing all that you do! The storm shall pass. "oneday you will look back and say life just got better" Amen!

Gloria Okaimam said...

Always look forward to your podcasts they have a way of speaking to me.. Thanks for sharing.


glowyshoe said...

this is encouraging...similar to what i read on trendwithgloria...very nice podcast darling...hope you good? you know what i mean nau..


ChincoBee said...

BMF told me to look forward to Friday podcast and am glad I did. This message keeps you going. Gives you the assurance that all hopes ain't lost. We just need that word to Thanks for sharing


CatwalkWithPAT said...

Thank you so much Amaka, I just wanna reach out and give you a hug you right now...Just what I need at the moment.


Liflblog.wordpress.com said...

Truly inspiring. Life can be very challenging indeed but one learns to keep one's head up and power on. Good job as always Amaka.

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

No matter the crisis and challenges, I am swimming. .
I love to listen to your podcast when everywhere is still.
More grace, and anointing


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