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I Met Jerry (x)

Everything that has a beginning must surely have an end. Do you agree?

Jerry's Gone

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Chapter 8 kept happening in different ways over and over again. Jerry stopped calling as regularly as he used to. 

He promised to change but he never did.

The last time we spoke about this issue, he was like:
"Baby, I'm sorry. I've been too busy lately. You're always on my mind. Always. When I don't call you, you should know I'm thinking of you."
In my mind, I was like: "Really? Was he not busy before I met him?" 

I grew tired of his excuses of being busy and all. I gave him many chances and was patient with him, but I was pained for what he was doing. Avoiding me. . . and killing me! 

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The magic disappeared and the wonder ended. We couldn't make it back to chapter 10

Jerry's gone. So that was how I fell in love and got my heart broken.


* * * * *
While I was writing, I went through healing. Your comments through the chapters were like injections. Ouch! Some pierced my heart while others were really painful. But they made me stronger. You've been a blessing. THANK YOU.

Hey, don't feel sorry for me. I needed the pain to grow. I already explained with God's Light in the Dark.

To share the truth, love and life I find on my journey to fulfilling purpose. . . This is why I blog, sweetie!  ;) 
Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


lindaspears said...

Are you serious???????? What happened???

Anne Lynx said...

Hi Amaka! I just wanted to tell you that your articles are absolutely inspiring to me. I've going through a really hard break up over the past couple of months and whenever I'm feeling down I go back and read your articles. Thanks again for your words of wisdom during this hard time. You are a blessing.

Christy said...

Whao! What was so delightful to read is that you did not objectify what you felt; you owned it and embraced it and shared it. But here is a thought for you. The treatment you applied was processing what took place and seeing the good that could come out of it and prospering because of it. Not only, but inspiring others to do the same. I can't believe you were heartbroken all the while. You are really a strong woman. :))

Deborah Anyeasi said...

Jeez! I feel very similar to this story with my ex. That was how he left too. Amaka, you will be fine.

Amakamedia said...

The point of life is to make something of yourself in this world and to have as much adventure, love, laughter and joy as you can. I'm living!

Thanks Sweet Sarah. :)

Amakamedia said...

Oh sweet Derbie, He wasn't meant to be. He is not the one. Like they say, “when a door closes, a window opens.” Each man that comes into your life is only showing you what you actually deserve and what you don’t want in a future relationship.

Have met another man yet? *winks*

Amakamedia said...

Awwwww! Thanks Anne. Your warm words make me want to cry. I'm learning and growing through pain. You can too.

Amakamedia said...

Lol. I loved and got my heartbroken. And I'm still living. That's what happened? sweetie. :)

Gloria Okaimam said...

Awwww what? Just like that, what was he thinking when he started the whole thing? Who doesn't need attention? He wasn't good enough for you and was never meant to be..

glowyshoe said...

awwww...that's not fair...amaka did you give room for riendship before falling heads over heels in love with him? whatever were the mistakes, i hope it will malke for a better relationship in future.....ain't notn bad in been single boo


Gabbyspeaks said...

He wasn't meant for you. And besides you need to learn from your mistakes... You are stronger and you will certainly find a man who deserves you sweetie..


bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

awwwww sad way to end a love story.i woill say good riddance to bad rubbish

CatwalkWithPAT said...

Did a tear just drop from my eyes?? Awww Amaka, I really know how it feel snot getting all the attention you want from the one you love, i have been in that shoe before....best thing is to move on, what will be, will be.

munchyberry said...

Wait o. What happened? It's not fair nah

KayCee Blunt said...

Cannot believe this! I need to speak to that Jerry guy. I warned him. How could he break your heart? #Not smiling#

Amakamedia said...

Lol. His loss.

Amakamedia said...

Being strong is the only option. Thanks ma'm!

Obiri Yaw said...

Amaka pls check your mail. I send you a message.

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Obiri! You! I've read it. I'm still thinking about the best reply for you. *rme*

KayCee Blunt said...

Nice. You deserve better.

Tomi 'Molola said...

Wait. WHATTTTTT. I'm going to find Jerry and I'm going to kill him.
Ugh I'm so sorry for Jerry. What a loss!

Amaka dear. You go dey alright my darling. Mwahhh

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Yeah I am fine, sweetie. Do you remember the other day I called you, and you asked about him? It took me a while to say "he is fine". Did you notice?

I almost told you the truth back then. But I needed to finish writing.

Tomi 'Molola said...

Wowww you mean this happened since? Oh dear Jerry is already my least favorite name in the world.

I'll call you before the end of the day sweetie

Nmaojike.com said...

Most people only know what they had, after they'd lost it. Amy biko chefuo Jerry...

E Rella said...

Hmmn will rather I keep my comment, Amaka remember what I blogged about little love than great love? I always fear something too good will end more quickly than something normal or a little bit more than normal and then it can be nurtured gradually to great heights. Sweetheart I would rather you never allow something like this happen again. Love!! But as Ay said in one of his skits, 'use your head'. I hope you don't get me wrong. You are too good and kind a girl to go through any form of pain and hurt especially from guys. Sorry about the comment turned epistle.. Do stay strong!

Adenike Bamigbade said...

But seriously, does he get to see this? Does he check your blog to see the beautiful feelings he had made you feel? It one thing to talk about something, it's another thing to express yourself through writing. I don't know why he did that neither do I knw if it's God's will but I only know he has lost someone special. I'm happy you are able to shake it off fast. There is something bigger and better for you girl!

Pamela Ugochi Orji said...

Sorry dear, shit happens. You r strong, so u gonna be fine. Don't really want to type an epistle, so laugh it off gal.


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