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DIARY: "What Would You Like Your Husband To Call You?"

If you want to know the latest gist about my day (or even my life), check out my tweets. I give myself away on Twitter twice as much as I do on the blog.

This diary entry actually happened last Tuesday and those who follow me on Twitter already has the gist, but I think it should be shared on the blog too. It just might be an open letter to future hubby. Lol.

What I Want My Husband To Call Me

Today, there was so much work to do at the office, and a tight deadline to keep up with. I had to stay back for two extra hours to complete a task. Phew.

It wasn't just me tho. A few of my colleagues too.

So we left the office later than usual. Then, our GM (who we fondly call FatherLa) kindly offered to give us a ride to the bus-stop. We excitedly hopped in.

An interesting conversation resumed in the car after Eunice, a colleague said she preferred to be called "hot stuff" by her man. We rolled our eyes. We made jest of her. And even laughed about it when FatherLa and Kay said "hot sauce" and "hot pot" sounded better respectively. lol

 "Amaka, What about you? What would you like your husband to call you?" FatherLa threw the question at me from the Driver's seat. Wawu.

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I hesitated.

I didn't know the answer.

Coming up with sweet pet names for anyone I love isn't so hard. I just never thought about it.

"Amaka, I'm waiting. What would you like your husband to call you?"

I bit my lip, "I don't know. I've never really thought about it."

"What pet names have you heard that caught your fancy?," Eunice tried to help me come up with any popular one.

"Me, I like to be called Bu-bu." Busayo, a married colleague sitting nearest to me added.

I guess they were wondering why it was so hard for me to say something. I was wondering myself, too.

"I know Amaka is romantic. She will just be pretending"

"Amaka, I will stop this car to park by the side if you don't say it now!" 

FatherLa is the most jovial and open-minded boss I've ever had. He can be very funny and I know he could do it. He could park his car. He is that kind of person.

"Honestly, I've never thought about it. He should call me whatever He sees in me. A treasure."


As soon as we highlighted from the car. Busayo, the married colleague asked me why I didn't want to answer FatherLa's question.

"Honestly, I don't know. I think future hubby should call me whatever he thinks I am to him," I responded while still pondering on my very own answer.

"You could have just said the general names everybody knows like 'honey', 'baby', and all that. Instead of letting everybody beg you for an answer," he said with a concerned smile on his face.

I guess Busayo was right. I should have just said something and allow the conversation progress. But on the other hand, I felt it was no ordinary moment. Something prophetic. I. . .  maybe I think too much.

I have recently noticed that when it comes to issues relating my marriage, I am very careful about what I am saying and who I am agreeing to. This is a season of decree-a-thing-and-it-shall-be-established. *in a weird American accent* I ain't gon' take any chances.

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I replied, "Well, I just don't think I'd want my husband to call me a name that is everywhere. I want him to call me something that is uniquely our experience."

My colleague looked at me like I was speaking a different language other than English. "Experience," he shook his head.

Amongst other things, I pray to have a husband who is creative. I pray to have a husband who is spontaneous. I pray to have a romantic husband. I know whatever he chooses to call me would be extraordinaire. And I can't wait!

"See, I once dated a guy who called me Wonder. And I called him Magic. Our pet names were birthed out of an experience." I blushed as I've had a flashback about me and Jerry. Awww. . .

"Wow! Why didn't you say it the car?! You would have sparked up another interesting gist. People would want to hear it because it is different."

"I know right. But I'm not sure I want to bring up memories from my past relationship and have us discuss it."

"Magic and Wonder. I like it!"

"Thank you."

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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