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Don't Miss Your Season, Stay In Position

Hi! Long time no post. I told you I'd be away from here for about three weeks so I could go "get what I want" for 2018, yeah? But there I was on social media  – Twitter, IG, WhatsApp, even Facebook – posting pictures of "What I wore", inspirational quotes and bits of how my day was going. Who was I fooling? I'm backkk!

Stay In Your Place

It's thrilling to think that a new year signifies setting new goals, learning new skills, and experiencing something new. However, newness is not in things.

Newness is within us. New is in our hearts. The truly new is something that is eternally new: you. Every morning, every moment is new. We have never lived this moment before and we never will again. In this perspective, new is a state of mind.

New can occur in seeing the old in a whole new perspective.

The thing is, I thought I should be led to start something new or let go of some categories in this new year. Alas, it appears that God wants me to STAY IN MY PLACE.

Let every man abide in the same calling wherein he was called. 
– 1 Corinthians 7:20

Don’t leave from your position. Don’t move. Don’t get out of alignment with God’s will. Remain steadfast in faith and diligent in prayer. Apply His word to your life. Follow after Him, even when it gets rough. Though the wait might be hard, it's worth it!

You have to stay in line with the blessing that is coming to you.

You do this by "standing in your place". Your place of call. Your place of belief. You stand in belief the way Jesus stood in belief when he spoke to the enemy in the desert. When you stand in belief you are staying in line with the blessing that God has for you.

If you get out of that line (by unbelief, fear, or doubt) the enemy can steal that blessing because you were not there to receive it.

This makes me think about what happened in Acts 1 after Jesus was crucified and risen . . .

That day, while Jesus was eating with His disciples, He told them to stay in Jerusalem and wait for the special gift He had promised them (which was the baptism of the Holy Spirit).

In verse 5, He told them, in a few days, something amazing was going to happen. John the Baptist had baptized them with water, but if they waited, He was going to baptized them with the Holy Spirit which would ultimately equip them to be effective in ministry.

They stayed!

But what if they had doubted and gotten out of position? They wouldn’t have received this most amazing gift that empowered them to be witnesses for Christ.

Thankfully, they waited and we bear their testimonies today.

Sweetheart, what's your take on this?

When we stay in position and wait for the manifestation of the promises of God, He makes good on His word.

Today, God is saying to you, don’t move. Don’t you dare walk away. Stay faithful. Keep trusting Him. Be confident that He is faithful that promised.

God is doing a new thing in your life. He is empowering you to do all you have preordained to do. All you must do is STAY IN POSITION.

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Have a great week!
Stay inspired!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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