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"Increase Your Value" — Mr. Rotimi Bankole

I hope you find this read worth while. From my experience relating with Clients, I have come to perceive how clients think and how we as a creative/media agency can have more value in return.

5 Ways To Increase Our Value

1. Design Quality: We should be serving high quality design. How do your office look? As a practitioner, how do you look like? Do you smell nice. How about your work, your presentation, your write ups? Having a good design is just part of the puzzle. He cares for more . . .

2. Service Quality: A client doesn't know how or where your design, idea, office is etc To our Client, we are a service provider. In a restaurant, a bad service can ruin the whole meal. So, every interaction you have with client, your emails, phone-dash-calls, meetings, even the coffee is part of what he is paying you for. Make your service unforgettable, then you can charge more.

3. Years of Experience: Do you know why Guinness prints their year 1759 on her bottle. The reason is, years of experience builds trust. Our years of experience is perceived by client how long we have been around and how good we are to still be around. so please show clients all your entire experience so we they are convinced for your service charges.

4. Brand: Being a professional, you also need to know the business of branding. As creative genius, you need to stand out from the crowd to share your unique value. Your brand shows in your website, proposal, media plan template, even clothes you wear to meetings. (Side note: That resounds for me)

5. Relationship: You might see your client as naive or not creative but just like you, if you are nice, he will like to work with nice cool people and not nazis. The reason to work with you or not is entirely not only based on your job skills, it is also based on unofficial but emotional reasons. Especially is the decision to pay you extra. As a professional, you need to ask more about their life and interest and you will see how the magic dispels. So understand clients wants and values and you will increase your value. Then you have a good working relationship.

Written by: Rotimi Bankole

* * * * *

The boss sent this via email to all of us on Monday morning, I thought you might also need it to serve as #CareerWednesday. Remember I told you we were in this job together, huh?

 So . . . what resounds for you? 

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