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Highlights of 'I Met Jerry' - Chapter 1 to 10

Some sweethearts find it hard to believe that this is a true story (and not fiction). I have lived and loved in all these chapters. Jerry does not only exist in my imagination, he also lives in the real world. Get over it jhorr. Lol.

Highlights of 'I Met Jerry'

The highlight of a story is the most important, interesting or enjoyable part of it. Now let's talk about what makes a relationship look like Magic and Wonder

The story so far. . .

Chapter 1 
I Met Jerry
~ smile, first impression, introduction ~
My smiles made me approachable. And when Jerry had the opportunity to speak with me, he didn't blab. He seized the day.
Jerry saw the need to keep in touch, so he collected my phone number.

Chapter 2
Phone Calls
~ connect, keep in touch, be friends ~
Jerry called. He was determined to be my friend. He showed me he cared.
I didn't want to be an easy-to-get kinda girl. I stopped picking his calls.

Chapter 3
Magic and Wonder
~ First date, state purpose, commit ~
Jerry persisted. We fixed a date and he told me what he wanted right there. I decided to give him a chance.
Anyway, you don't have to kiss on a first date like I did.

Chapter 4
Jerry Knows Somehow
~ Involve God, Pray ~
I had already fallen in love with Jerry but I still wanted to be sure. So I asked God in a funny way.

Chapter 5
~ Watchword, Standard ~
Being so in love with Jerry, I wanted his kisses again and again. He refused.
Jerry set the boundaries which I thought was crazy. But I realized it had always been what I hoped for.

Chapter 6
Goodbye Jerreasonable
~ Pet names, be proud ~
Jerry and I have special names for each other. We are so proud to be together for such a time as this. We feel lucky.

Chapter 7
Chats of Solomon
~ romantic expressions ~
Jerry and I do not hide what we feel for each other. "I love you" is like having our bath every morning. We just have to say it.

Chapter 8
Another Her
~ Be positive, trust ~
Jerry hadn't call me. I was worried-sick. I thought about all the things that could have possibly happened. But I never for once thought he was with another woman.
Except that woman on the phone.

Chapter 9
Event Wear
~ Respect ~
I respect Jerry. I should think he respects me too. But why would he call me by my first name? Oh well. . .

Chapter 10
Small Shakara
~ Lady's charm, Man's poise ~
I know a man who loves me. His name is Jerry. While I use my charm, he uses his poise.

It's as real as it is.
This is a script I've acted out with my life. I'm like; Could God be writing my very own love story already?!

* * *
Mehn, I don't even know what will happen next. Jerry and I might either break up or grow stronger in faith and love. Whatever happens, I'll be loving and living life. :)

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


Obiri Yaw said...

Nice one. i see the dem fingernails. Show us his face na

Glowyshoe said...

And this is the end of the story...don't set your mind on the negative just live each day as it comes dats wat love is all about


KayCee Blunt said...

I agree it's a true story. What I don't know is whether it is in the past, present or future. Lol. I enjoyed reading each chapter. Is this the end? Noo

Amakamedia said...

Well. . . erm. . . actually. . . erm. . . I've also enjoyed writing each chapter. let's see what next week holds. :D

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Why would you want to see his face?

Amakamedia said...

"just live each day as it comes. . ." That's exactly what I'm doing. Thanks, sweetie!

Liflblog.wordpress.com said...

I do not know what to make of this ooo. If it's real, may you both grow old on one pillow hehehe. Amaka your blog looks fab as always. There's so much to take in, lemme go and upgrade mine biko. Lol


Glowyshoe said...

You welcome dear..i think ive been able to resolve it..thanks for notifying me..muahh

CatwalkWithPAT said...

Oh my god! its reeeaal??? wow!

Wait oo Amaka, is that why you showed off your nails yesterday, so dat we would recognize it in the above pic??? hehehehe. I get it. lol


ayanbajo ajibike said...

Amaaaakaaa...well am back, your comment did the magic, no wonder, you and jerry hit it off, wonder and magic above all sha guide your heart with all dilligence, it would help you and jerry last long
Does jerry know about this space???
Does he know we are reading about him

Lohla's Melange said...

Live and love dear life is too short. Hope we'll be reading more of you guys, this sounds like the end?

Amakamedia said...

Yayy! Sweet Debbie, glad to have you back! I've headed straight to your blog!

Jerry. . . *scratches head* I think so.

Amakamedia said...

Let's call it 'the secret of a movie-like relationship'. Lol. Thanks for your beautiful comment about my blog. You, yes you make it so.

Will visit your blog soon. Stay sweet.

Gloria Okaimam said...

I wish you nothing but luck and more love between both of you.. True love is the sweetest thing ever aside God i am a proof.


Chioma Dike said...

Come Amaka, hightlights does not say the story is ended. Abi? it better not end when.am already into the story. lol. My best chapters are chapter 3, 7, 8. the kiss and the chat of solomon was epic! Greet Mr. Magic for me.

Gabe said...

Wow! I love this. so many relationship tips in one post. He that has eyes let him see. Amaka, you're a real gem. How you dey take do this thing?

Amakamedia said...

Ah Sweet Chummy, you like kissy kissy o. Lol. Thanks. :)

Amakamedia said...

Do which thing? Please o. . . I'm innocent. I dunno what you're talking about. lol.

Tomi 'Molola said...

Or we your blog readers will have a special table at your wedding. Yay!!! I'd love to make a toast ;;)

Sarah said...

I wish you the best dear. Enjoy!

Pamela Ugochi Orji said...

May u both grow stronger. Cheers dearie.


Zeezee said...

Wow. Your fingernails............ so this is for real? I'm happy for you dear. Congratulations.

Nmaojike.com said...

Amy weds Jerry loading...Lovely blog btw

Justin gee said...

Sister Amaka!!!! Where was I when you were writing this all this story?? Where do I start from? #slaps face# Looks good to be read. Heading to read about the first kiss....... #evil grin# Pastor must hear this

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

i cant stop laughing,huh! thats why you showed off your finger nails yesterday.nne you are too intelligent for my liking.
*laughing away*

Gabbyspeaks said...

This is beautiful. Love is a beautiful thing and if you find love guard it with all that is within you..


Lifetitudes Blog said...

Love, fresh love oh how sweet. Amaka dont you dare stop the posts o. Love it. All the best with Jerry

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...


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