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Wrong Directions

How often do we trust strangers who give us directions?

Some hours ago, I was asked to go make some bank deposit. The bank wasn't anywhere close to the office. So I had to use a public transport. It was supposed to be a journey of about fiftneen minutes. Alas, it took me more than fourty five minutes to get there. How funny!

As I though about it, it dawned on me that many times in our lives we may have missed our way too. Many times we may have taken the wrong bend. Boarded the wrong bus. Followed the wrong directions.

It wasn't a matter of getting direction, but a matter of getting the RIGHT direction.

Some persons can act so loving and caring to lead us to destruction. Oh, yes.  Been there, done that. Double-check. However, "Destruction" is a heavy word in this context. Let's make it "delay".

Each person I asked sounded so sure. I had no reason to doubt the directions given.

The first thing I did was to ask questions. Well, may be I asked the wrong questions to the right person or just maybe I asked the right questions to the wrong person or maybe the person and the questions were all wrong. Still wondering.

The first wrong direction was the wrong bus-stop. I wasn't close to the supposed bus-stop. And as a result, I boarded another bus.
The second wrong direction was the wrong turn. I went over the bridge. And as a result, I walked a longer mile.
The third wrong direction was the wrong queue. I joined the wrong group. And as a result, I waited longer.

I wasn't sad, really. It was an adventure for me. I love to unravel mysteries. I love to travel. I love to discover new places. But a journey to the unknown? Mehn!

I need to be careful. You also need to be more careful. Life is too short to be on a long journey in the wrong direction.

I write to remember today. I will go to that bank again. And trust me, this time, it would be easier, sweeter and faster. I have learnt the road to the journey.

Now, The Journey can be to anywhere. Your career, marriage, ministry, e.t.c. I believe life is a series of journeys. We are always on the move.

This is life. One experience. One journey. One day.

Key points

  • Ask the right questions
  • Ask the right persons
  • Be on the right track
So ask someone who has been there, someone who knows the way and someone who may also be willing to go through the journey with you.

May we not miss our destinations. Amen.

I can't wait to go to that bank again. This time, I'll be wearing heels! :)

Thanks for reading.

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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
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