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10 Lessons from the "It's in You" Convention

Last weekend was swell! I had the best time of my life at the convention tagged "IT'S IN YOU" which was organized for the youths in The Lagos Province 9 of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. There was Teju BabyFace (the host of Teju Babyface show), Toyosi Akerele (the Founder/CEO of RISE Networks), Barr. Ade Adeniji (the Pastor of the Salvation House Ministries) and many other super loaded men.

It was absolutely amazing and beautifully organized. These people weren't just talking theories, they taught out from experience. They revealed secrets/strategies that work. They gave out themselves. They shared. I feel so blessed that I also want to bless you. So you know I've got your back. Enjoy!

10 Lessons from the Province 9 RCCG Youth Convention 2014

#1:  Do Something- Life is easy but not simple. You've got to force your way out of the waves of the surrounding circumstances. There are areas in your life where you have control, deal with it. You need to force your dreams, projects and goals into fulfilment. God does not deliver greatness out of pity. God expects that you do something beyond thinking and waiting. Teju said even while sleeping, he is doing something because is mind never stops working something out. No rest until it is done!

#2:  Give Out- You give hoping that God will give you back. Give quality, valuable things. You should give for either of these two reasons;  to assist or to access. When you give to somebody in a worse condition, you give to assist. When you give to somebody in a better condition, you give to access. Giving gives more access to breakthrough ideas. Teju said he once gave out his only car, and mounted motorcycles (okada). God has rewarded him with cars and more today. Give God something to bless!

#3:  Be on Fire- Every regenerated mind has the power to be successful. You don't dull in the things of the Spirit if you want to be successful. You got to be hot and aflame with God. No success is compared to a good and solid foundation in Jesus Christ. Barr. Adeniji said spending time with God has been the secrets of his success. He eats the Word voraciously. 

#4:  Build Character- No matter the position you get, respect people. Be humble. Your character helps you sustain the success.

#5:  Know your Values- Success is measured by values. Be disciplined. Pastor said you should not compromise your standard for anything whatsoever. Live by godly principles. Knowing who and whom you are is knowing your values. You are too blessed to be stressed!

#6:  Set Goals- You should have a plan at every point of your life. Set goals as to what you want to achieve and when you want it achieved. Be goal-oriented. However, your first goal should be to make heaven. Toyosi added that you shouldn't just have brain and beauty but goals, vision and purpose.

#7:  Have Faith-  Faith is the bridge that connects the spiritual to the physical. Believe in your dreams. Believe in the giver of dreams- God. Even when it doesn't look like it yet, believe!

#8:  Pray- Success is first settled in the spiritual before it manifests in the physical. Spend time on your kneels. Nothing can be acquired outside the unction of the Holy Spirit. You need divine inspiration from God. Pray without ceasing.

#9:  Create Networks- You are six levels away from that one person who will transform your life. What if the first level is here and now? Be strategic. Build the relationship to the next level. Teju suggested that you share an idea, a work-in-progress or an experience. Just give out something worth a remembrance or in fact, an anniversary.

#10: Get an Elevator Pitch- This was where Toyosi set my Adrenaline spiralling. She said: "If you happened to be on an elevator with me for about two minutes, what would you say to get a second chance of meeting me?" She had more than ten persons who tried so hard to win that battle. I served with the team of protocols for the event. Just maybe I would have won too. But it got me thinking up until now. I need to draft an elevator pitch. Got any?

That's Teju Babyface of the Teju BabyFace TV show

 Toyosi Akerele (Founder/CEO of RISE NETWORKS) giving practical lessons

The Amazing Choir
The team of protocols. And yes, that's me on glasses.

Oh, sharing can be so much fun. My heart sings now.

I know you've heard something like this before. But it's good that we remind ourselves again and again. We need the right keys to open the right doors for this season. You know what I mean? Exactly!

Do more than reading, practice it and live it out.

It's in you; stir it!

Let the light shine.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Follow on Twitter: @Amakamedia 
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays  . . .giving out the light.

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