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Is Amakamedia also Among the Celebs?

Do you know that Jesus was a celeb while he was on earth? He was famous, extraordinary and just so on point. Everywhere Jesus went, people gathered. I can imagine people (including me) taking a photograph with him. Oh! That would be so cool. Straight to Facebook!

According to Wikipedia: A celebrity is a person who commands a significant degree of public attention in day-to-day media. The celebrity status is often associated with wealth. People become celebrities due to media attention for their lifestyle or wealth: for their connection to a famous person; or for their misdeeds. Celebrities may be known around the world, within a specific country or within a region.

Or within a social site. Or within a community. I actually added the last two sentences. Wikipedia must have omitted that. Yeah, there is a celebrity on my street here in Oshodi, Lagos state, Nigeria. 

The key word here is wealth. That hit me. W-E-A-L-T-H! (I should talk about wealth some other time.)

Highlighted is the fact that a celebrity is seen, heard and felt. They shake the society. They are known- known for something. That is something they posses. Something they do. It is in their doing that they become. You can't be known as a writer when you don't write. You can't be known as a speaker when you don't speak. Do it to be it. Act out the dream

What do you have?

I hear The Voice say: "Come out!"

This is a call to step out of the darkness and come in unto the light.

We need to come out. Not necessarily physically, but with our ideas, our skills, our talents, our gifts. All that God has placed in our hands. We need to show the world what we know. To Share the truth, the love and the life that we have found. Stop hiding. Enough of the talking. We have been reading and hearing the news, let's make the news. This is no time to relax, sit back and stay tuned. It's time to arise, get armed, and shoot! 

The scripture says we would lend to nations. Hear this, the wealth to lend to nations are not limited to finances alone. You mustn't have to have a bank account flowing with money before you reach out. You're heavily anointed, too loaded, super gifted. You've got something on the inside that needs to come out. Come out!

It only takes expertise to be a celebrity.

Yes, I am a celebrity. You are a celebrity. The world awaits.

It's in you.

Let the light shine!

See you in glory...

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu

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