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STYLE: The First Tip For Couples Matching Outfits Together

Happy Style-Sunday! What's popping? I have got a headache. It's either as a result of my headwrap or my new weaves being too tight. Phew. Anyways, I will be fine.

Let's talk about matching outfits. Do you think couples that dress together stay together?

Matching Outfits With Your Spouse

Couple perfect matching outfit ideas

I can't say whether it is more of a natural phenomenon than a conscious effort to start dressing in a matching and harmonious fashion when you get married.

However, what I can say is you may intuitively or subconsciously want to match your spouses style so that you can mirror them better and sync with them; Adding to the fact that couples that stylishly match outfit look very cute together. Thanks to its focus on complementary and cohesive aesthetics. After all, how do we expect to look well-dressed if our outfits are clashing?

Couple matching outfits

Kachi and I couple-styled to church today. It was a family celebration service where couples were encouraged to dress in matching outfits. There were so many matchy-matchy styles — the appealing ones and of course, the goofy ones. I am tempted to show you pictures of some other couples but I won't.

Perhaps choosing outfits that complement your beloved is an excellent skill. A skill that can be learnt if one doesn't know the basics.

So here's the tip:
Couple-styling doesn't have to be too identical. Don't make it look as though you are wearing a uniform. You shouldn't focus on achieving a matching ensemble that you forget about your personal style statement. Instead, aim to find a look to suit both you and your partner’s tastes and pick pieces that represent this aesthetic. 

Things to consider when coupling up include; complimentary colours, touch of a fabric and tone of style.

The concept of styling for couples to enjoy and match together is something that I'd like to venture into. I would especially want to design Ankara Coupling outfits because it is obviously my thing. I mean, it's not every bride that features Ankara fabric on her Big Day but yours truly did!

See one of our wedding pictures HERE

Matching outfits is only stylish if it’s subtle and understated. A touch of whatever fabric you decide to wear together would look cuter than twinning the entire outfit. 

It's almost hard for us to step out together without matching outfits. We love the concept.

Look forward to more couple-styling inspiration. *winks* 

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