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DIARY: November to Remember (2023)

Oh, my! So much can happen in one month! It’s incredible how this month has turned into a lifetime of milestones. Wow! 

November Highlights 2023

It has been a custom for me since 2017 to be very intentional about capturing my moments, blessings and lessons IN November. I don’t know what inspired this tradition, but I do know that I am never the same person by the end of November. I’m always evolving – from being broken to healed, single to married, married to pregnant, overwhelmed mother to joyful mother, and all that good stuff. I’m thankful for the Holy Spirit who quickens me to rise up to the challenge every single year. 

Here are the highlights of my November 2023:

1. Best Portrait So Far

During my quiet time, I got a leading to create a portrait of me on my branded T-shirt, inscribed AMAKAMEDIA. So I penned it down on my to-do list for the weekend. I thought I’d go to the studio to do that. 

The next day during my quiet time, the Holy Spirit prompted me about the portrait. I was so restless. He wanted me to get it done like right NOW. 

Immediately, I rushed to powder my face and apply some lip gloss. Then, I switched on my ring light, set my phone on timer and SNAPPED. 

I have never seen a better portrait of myself. A particular one came out stunning, in my eyes. I changed the display picture that has been on my WhatsApp since January.

2. Best Fast So Far

I am a big fan of fasting and prayer. I don’t limit my fasting to just food; I also shed off anything that can be a distraction in my season. It can be a social media fast, man fast or even church fast. I am very much invested in guarding my heart diligently, especially when it is a divine INSTRUCTION. 

For the first time in my life, I went on a Daniel fast this November. Or should I call it a FRUIT FAST? I ate NOTHING for three days except fruits at 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. My eyes were opened to SEE. I received insightful revelations of what is happening and what is yet to come. Glory to God!

3. Best Title: BLOGGER

I have been seeking the face of God on what steps to take concerning my gifts, career and business. I wanted to know his PERFECT will for me concerning this area of my life, as I  was feeling stuck kind of. I was prompted to ask my friends what they think of AMAKAMEDIA, they showed up for me. I went back to God with the responses and then He tied it all up together for me. 

I am a blogger. Full stop. 
I am not confused about this. Thank You, Lord!

4. First Wedding in 3 years

I love weddings. I believe you know that about me already. If you didn’t know, then go to Google and search “does amakamedia love weddings?” You would be surprised at your findings. I’m actually not kidding.

It wasn’t until the week leading to Johnero’s wedding that I realized that I HAD NOT physically attended a wedding since 2020. What! By the way, Johnero has been an ardent follower of Heart Rays from time immemorial. His comments and pictures are all over the place. (Type “Johnero” in the search box below). He is in my inner circle. 

I attended Johnero’s wedding. I have not brought myself to write all about it. I have been pondering on the angle to approach the subject – my Ankara shoes or my yellow dress, my anchoring the photo session or my reunion with friends, my reasons or excuses for missing weddings in the past 3 years. I dunno yet

5. Inspired a Man’s Choice

This is one highlight I cannot get over. Not in my wildest dream did I think I could have ever imagined that a Christian brother would testify that I showed him what he wanted in a wife. Me? How?

I would not be as surprised if a lady tells me I inspired her to choose who to marry because I believe I mostly share my journey as a lady to help another lady. BUT to have a man say to the world that I did? I inspired his ideal wife? Wow! That can only be God! Ah!

6. WWMP Graduation

My graduation from the Whole Woman Mentorship Program is this Saturday. Woohoo! I am beyond thrilled about the next decade of my life. This program has been like a marathon of mind and soul surgeries for the past eight weeks. I have had to rid my mind, heart and spirit from poisons in relationships, perspectives and lifestyle. My life has taken a SHIFT. 

Take this as an invitation to my graduation this Saturday, December 2nd, 2023.

Looking through my ‘November To Remember’ Dairy enteries since 2017, I see how God has so lovingly held me and wrapped his arms around me. I am deeply loved! 

In November 2017, He said “I’ll do a new thing…”
In November 2018, I got traditionally married 
In November 2019, AMAKAMEDIA Productions was registered.
In November 2020, He showed up as my Strength. 
In November 2021, I was just being a mum.
In November 2022, He said “be still and know”.
This year’s November CAPPED it all. I am UPGRADED on so many levels. Thank You my sweet darling Jesus!!!

I attended a Wellness Revival, joined the WILD Leading Sisters COMMUNITY, did something to my hair (which I’d share in due time), and so much more good stuff.

If I had a million blogs, it still wouldn’t be enough. Who am I that you are so mindful of me? Your goodness is running over me. Your deep love has captivated me. It’s your peace, the price you paid and your mercies that envelopes me every single day. It’s been you Jesus! It will always be you! Thank you!

Thanks for reading my diary. I hope this post PROVOKES you to put in the work towards becoming a better version of YOU.

Have a wonderful December.

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-you-tiful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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