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Don’t be a Silhouette of Your Authentic Self

Welcome to November! I am really excited about this month. I can’t really point a finger to WHAT exactly I am excited about but I’m very sure that it’s partly because I am growing up and becoming the woman I am called to be. Wow! What a woman I am!

Don’t Become Your Own Best Impersonator

I have been gleaning from a number of inspiring women since the WOWMAN Conference. As in! God has women oh! I see the amazing things He is doing with/through the lives of these women and I’m like, “I want to be in this army!”. 

I am currently seeking God’s face to UNDERSTAND the uniqueness and specifications of my design, makeup and purpose. I am seeking clear-cut direction and focus-driven vision. I have a burning desire to step into my season as a woman who is:

ACTIVELY positioned in her unique place of assignment ✔️

POWERFULLY armed with strategic tools for execution  ✔️

AUDACIOUSLY living out authenticity, grace and love ✔️

was reading “Hello, Tommorrow!” by Dr. Cindy Trimm when a particular section jumped up at me. In that part, Cindy talks about a book she read called “Turning Pro” by Steven Pressfield.

(Oh my God. Hahaha. Sorry, I had to laugh here. It just dawned on me that an author (myself) is quoting another author (Cindy Trimm), who is in turn quoting another author in her book. If you don’t gerrit, forget about it. Lol.)

It says:

Each of us has a great work to accomplish on the earth, whether it's as a novelist, a car mechanic, a politician, or whatever. Each of us has a contribution to make to the world in a very specific way that bubbles up out of our very being. The trouble is, rather than actually living that life, most of us settle for something close to that life or at best parallel to it Hike taking the frontage road that runs alongside the highway; it appears as if it's taking you where you want to go but doesn't. We allow ourselves to live in the shadow of what we were meant to accomplish without actually achieving it. We give in to the fear of stepping out toward that new frontier and settle instead for something that feels closer to home but is much, much less meaningful to the world around us and to us.

Do you get??? We allow ourselves to live in the shadow of what we were meant to accomplish without actually achieving it.

I couldn’t get away from it; I have been thinking about it for days, and I thought to share it with you.

It continued:

At best, that means a person who is a writer at his or her core might accept the freewheeling life of a truck driver instead, exploring the highways and byways of the open road rather than exploring the inner roads of his or her

soul as the person was actually created to do. At worst, it means we let addictions-drugs, alcohol, video games, making money, the internet, pleasing others, and so forth (the more socially acceptable the addiction, the

more insidious it is)-numb the effects of living without creating. We accept life in the shadows rather than stepping out into the light of where we were really meant to live.

Do you see that? We accept life in the shadows rather than stepping out into light! Jesus!

Isn’t it fascinating that so many people are doing something similar to their calling — something honourable and something they’re probably very good at — in all those things, they are still not living out their truest identity?

I used to be like such people but not anymore. I refuse to accept life in the shadows!

Dr. Cindy talks to me in her book:

(Amaka)The way of the addict is to live counterfeit to our true calling similar but not the same-a silhouette of our authentic, divine selves; just a step or two inside of our comnfort zone away from what we are actually meant to do. We allow our addictions to anesthetize the pain of living without true fulfillment.

The way of "the pro," as Pressfield describes it, is to step outside of our comfort zone and actually do the work of creating our contribution to the rest of the world. Turning pro," according to Pressfield, is simply doing the work we were created to do regardless of its initial success or impact. The amateur plays at it but never buckles down to do the work for a thousand different, and usually fairly reasonable, reasons. Only the professionals-who do the work their souls call them to do really live the life that is truly life, while the amateur never quite steps out from the shadows of living life as an impersonator.

Don't imitate who it is you know you're capable of becoming; boldly step out into the fullness of it. Become as in "come into being"-and fully identify with that writer, thought leader, advocate, entrepreneur, artist, or professional whatever it is. The decision is yours to identify with the addict or the artist-the poser or the professional- the time clock puncher or the self-starting entrepreneur. You have the divine agency to choose.

Ah! God help me! Show me! Tell me! Hold me! Lead me! Take me there!

I, AMAKAMEDIA, CHOOSE to boldly step out into the FULLNESS of my calling.

How about you? Are you living a shadow life, doing something similar to the dream to which you are called, but not going all the way to make your calling a reality?


Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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