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DIARY: November To Remember (2022)

It’s the first of December. Yay! I want to be really excited but the devil is trying so hard to shake me up. He seems to be winning but you know what? He lost a long time ago. 

I am taking back my joy, my praise, my moments, my peace and everything else that has my name on it. Amen! 

November 2022

Every year I keep track of my November. I do this by capturing one or two moments of each day with a sentence or two. So I did it again this year. 

Tuesday 1: Celebrating Kachi’s cousin on WhatsApp. I’ve been saving this picture for a day like this. Hahaha. . .

Wednesday 2: Kachi is making Oha soup in the kitchen and I’m in a corner of the sitting room nursing our latest baby and saying (not screaming) “Kamma, no. Drop it there!”

Thursday 3: Celebrating with my friend, PK and her family on their 4th wedding anniversary.

Friday 4: Feeling somehow but thankful that I’m living the life I prayed about. 

Saturday 5: Filming a video with Kachi for our YouTube channel.

Sunday 6: Listening to Mummy Chinasa taking Sunday School class with me in my home. It’s 4 PM, Kachi is finally making catfish pepper soup he promised. Yippee!

Monday 7: Attempting to plait Kamma’s hair but she’s not co-operating. Phew. 

Tuesday 8: Not necessarily making Kamma’s hair, just moisturizing it and keeping it stretched and ready for the next hairstyle.

My go-to protective hairstyle 

Wednesday 9: Yipee! The babies are sleeping. Kachi and I are having a good time. 😉

Thursday 10: Attending an online Discipleship Class.

Friday 11: Took the girls out for immunization.

Saturday 12: I am making chicken stew. Kamma is enjoying her potato chips and watching me. 

Sunday 13: The four of us are in the kitchen. It’s such a wonderful spontaneous family moment. Spaghetti is cookinggggg.

Monday 14: Connecting with a new media agency to work with them remotely as a content creator. Fair deal so far.

Tuesday 15: Kachi and I are having a family discussion — basically on finance. It is well oh!

Wednesday 16: Teasing everyone on my extended family WhatsApp group. 

Thursday 17: I’m dedicating 20 minutes for low impact workout. It feels good. 

Sweaty after jumping 215 times on a skipping rope..

Friday 18: Looking out for styles on Pinterest to make on Kamma’s hair tomorrow.

Kamma’s natural hair as at today 18/11/22 😍  

Saturday 19: Kachi and I are learning how to use Kdenlive (a free video editing app) for the first time. “I like that we are learning this together,” he says. 

Sunday 20: Renegotiating with a CEO over a contract. He doesn’t want to shift his ground. 

Monday 21: Oh no! Cooking gas is finished and the beans isn’t done yet. I want to cry! 

Wednesday 23: Attending the Oasis Conference online.

Thursday 24: Watching Cocomelon on my phone against my will. Kamma oh!

Friday 25: Decluttering my wardrobe.

Saturday 26: Forcing myself to edit a video for YouTube.

Sunday 27: Kachi and I are watching ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’ on TV. This guy just won one million Naira without a lifeline from hundred thousand Naira. Wow.

Monday 28 : Kamma is throwing the die for Kachi and I to count on the Ludo board game. “Play for daddy!” “play for mummy!”

Tuesday 29: Switching off my phone to give more time for meditation.

Wednesday 30: I am still anxious about a number of things - DAC. Taking it to God in prayer and He is saying, “Be still and know that I am God. . .”

This year has been about learning, unlearning and relearning. There are many things that I have learnt and unlearnt this November ESPECIALLY. 

The most important thing is to realize that nothing—not a single thing—takes God by surprise, because He knows all about your future. And when we are in His hands, then we don’t need to be anxious about the future either, because we know He is with us every step of the way. “Don’t be afraid, because I’m with you; don’t be anxious, because I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I’m truly helping you. I’m surely upholding you with my victorious right hand” (Isaiah 41:10, ISV).

Thanks for reading bits from my November 2022 diary. You might want to check out November 2020, November 2019, November 2018 and November 2017.

Have a super-duper amazing December! 
Stay inspired. 
Stay joyful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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