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DIARY: November To Remember (2021)

As you know, it’s been my custom every year since 2017 to share each day in November  with you by a sentence or two.

November To Revival

I tagged November 2021 as “Revival”. Everything on my mind was leading me to get my fire back. For some reasons, I felt as though I wasn’t burning or even if I was, then I wasn’t burning hot enough. I was becoming lethargic and complacent in a number of things that I was too tired of using “nursing mother” as an excuse. 

I can’t fast. Why? I’m a nursing mother.
I can’t attend this and that. Why? I’m a nursing mother.
I can’t do this and that now. Why? I’m a nursing mother. 

Days before the start of the month, I decided to decide that this year’s November To Remember would be a REVIVAL. 

At first I was in good spirits and I really enjoyed putting my plans into practice regularly. In the course of the weeks my motivation decreased more and more. I tried to catch up on what I had missed the previous days at one go. A few days ago, I finally had to admit that it was no longer possible to catch up and that I had clearly failed to make up for my intention.

In concrete terms, it had been my plan to record an entry everyday for the rest of the month. In the beginning, I wrote daily and with great dedication, but the cycle of haziness grew more and more.

Although I had told Kachi about my plan in such a passionate way that he gave a nod and clapped to encourage me, I was less and less able to motivate myself to do the planned daily entries. When I finally caught myself trying to reconstruct the past three weeks on paper - which I simply could not - I had to admit the failure of my every-day-write project.

Paradventure you haven’t seen my postpartum face in a while, this is what it looks like. 😒
It was a fail.

Whether this was because the effort of writing as an additional daily task was too much for me, or whether the project simply lacked the appeal, I can't even say exactly. I only know for sure that I am now glad that November has ended and the project has officially been terminated. Lol.

Monday 1 -
Tuesday  2 -
Wednesday  3 - Baby’s hair packed for the first time. So cute.
Thursday 4 - gggg
Friday 5 - gggg
Saturday 6 - gggg
Sunday 7 - gggg
Monday 8 - gggg
Tuesday 9 - gggg
Wednesday 10 - gggg
Thursday 11 - gggg
Friday 12 - gggg
Saturday 13 - gggg
Sunday 14 - gggg
Monday 15 - gggg
Tuesday  16 - gggg
Wednesday 17 - gggg
Thursday 18 - gggg
Friday 19 - gggg
Saturday 20 - gggg
Sunday 21 - gggg
Monday 22 - gggg
Tuesday 23 - gggg
Wednesday 24 - gggg
Thursday 25 - gggg
Friday 26 - gggg
Saturday 27 - gggg
Sunday 28 - gggg
Monday 29 - gggg
Tuesday 30 - gggg

I feel that a burden has been lifted from me. Phew.

So is there any lesson to learn from this? Maybe. 

Maybe, for me, the lesson I learned from this is that even a good project that started out well at the beginning does not have to be carried through at all costs, if it does not give you the expected joy or added value. 

Have the courage to PAUSE, STOP or LET GO when you have to.

Have the courage to walk away from what no longer inspires and develops you!

This will be my first Christmas as a mum and I am so excited about that! 

At least I'm still sharing stories of my life – on YouTube (PerfectMachForever TV) and every where else.

I will be sharing everything about my Christmas on Youtube. This is going to be a December to remember. 🙂

Have a joyful Christmas!
Stay inspired.
Stay beautiful.
Stay sweet.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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