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It Takes Courage To Be Vulnerable

Happy New Week! This is something I really need to hear at this time. "Be of good courage, Amaka!" I thought you might also find it helpful.

It Takes Courage

My recently launched book was reviewed by a friend (Chiamaka Uwadoka) who is a qualified lawyer and a Brand and Communications Executive at a reputable oil and gas firm. In her speech, she repeatedly made it clear that the author of 'He Wasn't My Husband' was a brave person. And I didn't believe her because I think I am not the very least brave woman I know.

When she said the author was vulnerable, I totally agreed.
Calling me brave? No, I don't think so.

Perhaps accepting my vulnerability is what she calls bravery.

Vulnerability is possibly an act of bravery because you merge with your authentic self, instead of hiding behind a facade to appease others.

You’ve been hurt. Yes, we all have. But loving from a place of hurt isn’t loving. It’s hiding. And you will never hit the high notes of love you’re searching for if you’re hiding.

Don’t give yourself any other choice. Be fearless. Be vulnerable. Show yourself. Put yourself out there, completely. Eyes closed. Arms open.

Love fully. Knowing s/he may not catch you. And what if you get hurt? You probably will. But what’s the alternative? Love with fear? What would that look like? You know. You’ve been there before. So you have to make a choice—a difficult one that will make you an agent of transformation.

Give fully. Knowing s/he may not recognize you. And what if you get ignored? You probably will. But what’s the alternative? Give without a cheer? What would that look like? You know. You’ve been there before. So you have to make a choice—a difficult one that will bring you value for transformation.

It takes courage to answer a call,

It takes courage to give your all,

It takes courage to risk your name,

It takes courage to be yourself.

You have to let go of control, predictions, and expectations, and just practice love in its purest form, without fear. You have to stop wrestling logic and pride, and stand on the ledge with a broad smile, knowing that loving someone else as hard as you can will always be more about your growth than anyone else.

Along with fear, pride is the other wall that will prevent you from becoming all you can be. Your power will always be in giving, not receiving. Always remember it is not how much you have left, it is how much you give away.

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You know you've grown when you become aware of your fear and pride yet choose to draw from a different place. . . Your heart. 

It takes courage to love again after being hurt,

It takes courage to be vulnerable and honest,

It takes courage to abandon your old ways,

It takes courage to have tough conversations and draw boundaries,

It takes courage to not make it about you.

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Be courageous. Those surrounding you may not recognize you, but God calls you by your name. . .! He knows you. You are His. He is with you, even through the fire of the trial. With Him by your side, you will never be alone. Take courage!

Here's wishing you a great week.
Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay lovely.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi 
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