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STYLE: Yellow Light Tells You To Get Ready To Go/Stop

Hi! Loong time, no Sunday-Style post. But we are back now. Hallelujah!

The Yellow Light

What do you know about traffic lights?

Traffic lights are located on most major road junctions in cities and towns around the world. You see them often, yeah? The lights let us know when it is safe to drive through the intersection and when to walk across the street as well as when to stop and let other drivers, bikers and pedestrians take their turns to continue on their way.

Basically, the red, yellow and green lights tell road users when to stop and when to go.

Red Light
The red light means you must STOP. Bring your vehicle to a complete stop at the stop line if it is marked on the pavement. If there is no stop line, stop at the crosswalk, marked or not.

Green Light
When the green traffic light is illuminated it means that you may GO, as long as the way is clear.

Yellow Light
When the yellow - or amber - light comes on it means the red or the green light is about to appear. You must stop if you can do so safely; otherwise, go with caution.

But my focus today is on the yellow skirt. Oops, sorry. I mean, the yellow light. 😁

I wore this yellow midi skirt on my branded HWMH T-shirt yesterday for my weekend activities. It really does add a little extra to a simple casual look.

A simple T-shirt is great to wear with a midi skirt because it can be dressed up or down. I wore a pair of sandals because I knew I was going to do a lot of walking on the streets. If I was going for an event, I'll just dress it up on heels and that'll do!

Thinking of wearing that lovely T-shirt in your wardrobe this time? Pair it up with yellow. It is a bold and daring colour. It goes with pretty much any colour (no jokes). It's unique and stylish.

Yeah, we were talking about the yellow light. remember?

The Yellow light in traffic is meant for caution and reducing speed. It generally lights up briefly between green and red. It is an indication to motorists approaching the signal to reduce their speed as the traffic light is going to turn red.

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The yellow light has two meanings depending on where you are the moment the Yellow light comes on.

  1. For the people who have already crossed the line marked before the Zebra crossing and have already entered the intersection area, Yellow light means GO.
  2. For those who have not yet entered the intersection area (people behind the zebra crossing line), Yellow light means STOP.

The yellow time (the short period between the red and yellow lights) is provided so that the vehicle that has already entered the intersection area can clear the area without getting in conflict with the vehicles entering from other direction after getting their Green signal.

P.s Thinking about this, my bookcover is yellow. It tells you when it is safe to drive through the intersection of your relationship with the opposite sex — whether past or current — and your marriage. It tells you how to get ready to stop or move on. 😉

He Wasn't My Husband

If you want a copy or more, let me know! It's also available at Roving Heights Bookstore. Cheers!

Hope you are having a great weekend.
Stay inspired.

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