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HWMH: Photos From My Very First Book Launch Party

I’m posting this three weeks after having a thrill celebrating the launch of my book with friends and family. It was a lovely, happy weekend and I still feel like I’m flying! 🦋

*WARNING: This post might be VERY looong!

Pictures From My (First) Book Launch Party

Self-Publishing my book has been quite an emotional experience. I put a lot of myself into it, working long hours through the editorial and cover design process, and then promoting it ahead of the launch and in the days after its public presentation. I hadn’t realised just how much energy I was using, but it definitely caught up with me and after the initial buzz of publication wore off, I felt really drained.

The launch just needed to happen. I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but I'm glad it was lovely. Thank God I reached out to a cool photographer to help capture faces, poses and moments. It was motivating to see a few friends, family and more come out to support me.

I’m grateful to everyone who helped make the day happen and those who showed up. I want to share some pictures with you (as well as to save them here). Enjoy!

The Red Carpet

The HWMH Team

I had two sets of people who were ready to go all the way with me; one team went all out for publicity leading up to the day of the event and the other did great at carrying out their protocol duties for the event. Grateful for you all!

Moderators: MC Babs and Dami

The Review

The obligatory reading from the book doesn't have to be performed by the author - often, getting a presenter to do it hits the spot. Chiamaka Uwadoka blew my mind!

The Guests

In mid-conversation, most guests are not disposed to stop and smile for the camera, so we will have to make do with straight-faced shots. But we also got images of people engaging in activities.

The Cakes

The book launch was important for me at the time for it to serve two purposes: to celebrate the birth of my book and to celebrate my husband's birthday. August 3, 2019 was a double birthday celebration day! So we had two cakes!

Surprise! He had no idea I was going to get him a birthday cake

The Talk Show

A serious yet cozy conversation focused on lessons from past relationships, dealing with heartbreaks and finding love. It was interesting to hear that love can be found even after the third date with someone. Strange love stories, I tell you!

The Signing

If you’re writing a book or dreaming about being published, keep going, because sometimes dreams come true and you get to celebrate with wonderful people like a real-life author! 

Before you know it, you'd be signing books!

The Chief Sponsor

I don't know what I would have done without you. You literally gave it your ALL. I love you! May God keep blessing you!

His laughter 😍

The Author

And of course, me.

My dress: @ellaseams
My accessories: @amakaankara
Photography: @rayemphotography

The Book

After the hard work of writing and preparing to launch a book, promotion and distribution is the next right thing. He Wasn't My Husband (hard copy) is now available! Get for yourself and your loved ones at Roving Heights Bookstore. More distribution channels coming soon.

You can use the official hashtag #HeWasntMyHusband to view more pictures from the launch and to read up (or write) reviews about my book across all social media platforms. Thank you.

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay lovely.

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