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STYLE: Embrace Femininity with Blue

Why is pink often linked to girls and blue to boys? Ever pondered this? Just considered it today and was super surprised by my findings. Huh!

Happy Style-Sunday!

Let Girls Wear Blue 

Happy International Girl Child week

Can you remember the day somebody else was wearing the same outfit as you? There was probably a time when you were out at an event, or at work, or the mall, or at school, or in the church and you suddenly noticed that someone was wearing an item identical to what you were wearing. Maybe the same dress, jacket, shoes, t-shirt . . . etc.

How do you react to such wonderful moments? For me, I ALWAYS acknowledge and appreciate them. I can also take it two steps further to create a style post out of it.

I have reacted a couple of times (see here and here) and I'm doing it again. It feels so good!

As soon as Somto walked up to me after today’s church service, all I saw was #StyleLikeAmakaImmediately, I exclaimed, "Awww! Let's take pictures. Ahan! Look at you! Look at me!” 

And that was how today’s #StyleLikeAmaka came to pass.

Embrace femininity with blue
Let girls wear blue_Amakamedia

As I pondered how to approach this post, it dawned on me that blue actually looks very lovely on my baby girls. Who ever made the world perceive blue for boys and pink for girls? 

So I googled, landed on racked.com and it revealed: 
For most of history, pink was just another color. It was worn equally by men and women. A line in Little Women published in 1869 refers to Amy as tying pink and blue ribbons around two babies to tell the male from the female "in the French fashion." That's often cited as a reason pink became affiliated with girls.
Look at that! 

What a wonder! 

You should read on your own and share your thoughts with me. From now on, when a lady tells me her favourite colour is pink, I will ask her why and ask her why again.

Let girls wear blue_Amakamedia
Let girls wear blue_Amakamedia

As I always say on Heart Rays, embrace what makes your heart feel excitedly alive. Don’t hide your authentic self and live someone else’s life when yours is already perfect and well crafted for you.

Wear bright blue dresses. Let your girls wear blue, too. The colour looks great on all skin tones, which means anyone can rock it.

Fun fact
This shade of blue is called baby blue. 

Thanks for coming over.
Have a fabulous week.

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-you-tiful. 

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