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Kachi CG Releases New Official Music Video "Baby Girl" in Celebration of International Day of the Girl Child 2023

I was planning to save this for October 11th but I can’t wait any longer. I believe the whole wide world needs to hear this. Picture me gesticulating the ‘whole wide world’ with my arms outstretched, forming a very big circle. Yes, Kachi CG’s ‘Baby Girl’ deserves a global stage because it makes a universal statement: 

A baby girl is a gift to the world.

Click to watch the official video below:

I love this song, specially because it narrates my authentic story about desiring a boy as my second child. It’s a fusion of drama and music. Yours truly was featured. ;)

For the girl child_kachi cg
Song: Baby Girl
Artist: Kachi CG
Music Producer: Kingx Vibe
Creative Director: AMAKAMEDIA 

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Happy International Girl Child Day in advance!
You are a gift to the world!

Stay blessed.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-you-tiful.

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