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How Shall This Be?

When I got back from church, I switched on my phone and read my messages. I ate, tweeted, and took a nap. In that nap, I imagined Mary as a girl. . .

How Shall This Be? 

I try to imagine Mary as a girl of about 14 or 15 years old being surprisingly visited by an angel, Gabriel for the first time.

It is normal for her to be scared. The angel had to calm her fears, so he says: "Don't be afraid; you've found favour with God."

Then the angel Gabriel tells her the wildest thing she has ever heard, that kind of your life-will-be-forever changed announcement:
"And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus." Luke 1:31 
Mary was like: "how?" "Me?" "Tell me, how shall this be?" She'd never met or heard of a pregnant virgin.

Whao! I like the fact that Angel Gabriel answered the "how" question. He told her how it will happen. He says:
"The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High God will overshadow you. The baby will be holy and will be called the son of God."
I'm so impressed that Mary could even ask that logical question: "How shall this be?" It is not a question of doubt. It is a question of curiosity. She was only wondering how possible it will be for her to have her own baby without having sex. That's basically the only humanly possible way she knows. She wanted to know God's way of manifestation. She wanted to know God's way of fulfilling the prophecy. She wanted to know her role in His plans.

And angel Gabriel encourages her with another surprising news: her older, barren cousin Elizabeth is also six months pregnant. He told her God can do anything.

How I love the understatement of Gabriel's next words to Mary: "For nothing will be impossible with God!" (Luke 1:37)

And guess what Mary says next: "Be it unto me according to thy word."

Really?!?! Just like that?!

Mary says, "Yes," to God's plan without knowing what her future will be like, or how she'd explain her pregnancy to Joseph who she was already engaged to. She believed God already. 

(I woke up and quickly started writing. . .)

Be open to God's work in your life. Don't immediately say "no" to what is surprising. God has a plan for your life. Just believe Him already!

At that point, I realized it is always best to follow God's ways even when it seems foolish to my limited understanding. Even when I don't understand, I have to keep trusting God with all my heart.

Yes, God will do what He has told us. But maybe, just maybe He wants us to ask like Mary, "How shall this be?" 

I'm off to House Fellowship.
Happy Sunday!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays. . . giving out the light


Deborah Anyeasi said...

Amaka, beautiful post. Wonderful to look at Mary from this perspective. I want to be more like Mary - I want to be open to the different & varied ways in which God may work in my life.

Sarah said...

Such a beautiful post. Love the reference to the heart posture of Mary- how she bent low in trust and surrender. I often don't see the answers of the "how" or the "way" - but it's that trust and surrender He is asking for. It is indeed challenging. But with God the impossible can happen-- both a barren woman (Elizabeth) and a virgin (Mary) can conceive. And I love how you point out that Mary's "yes" changed history. Thank you for this post, which encourages and challenges me today!

Amole John said...

Good word, Amaka!!!
God bless you!!!

Dele said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the post. Beautiful. Mary impresses me too. Happy Sunday!

lindaspears said...

And she pisted on Sunday. Lol. Nice one. God help our faith. Amen.

Mrs. Kennechukwu O said...

Your writing continues to deepen and inspire, Amaka. I didn't sew the story of Mary this way. Thank you!

Amakamedia said...

Thanks, Johnny...just wrote what God put on my heart. :)

Amakamedia said...

Sweet Sarah, Thank you...yes, Mary does both challenge and inspire :) Grateful for her example to us. I'm learning my way to trusting God.

Amakamedia said...

Awww! Mrs Kennechukwu, those words coming from you means a lot to me. . . Thanks!

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Sweet Linda, it's a special Sunday, I must say. Thanks for being here and sharing your thoughts :)

Amakamedia said...

Oh Sweet Debby, thank you so much for all of the shares. . .praying for you, my sweet friend :)

Amakamedia said...

And thank you for reading, Dele. Mary will always be an inspiration. :)

Chioma Dike said...

Amaka– this was beautiful. Thank you. Thank you.

And now every time I ask myself, “How shall this be?” I’ll know the answer– with God it will be possible.

Vicky Wendu said...

This is a simply beautiful, thoughtful, and thought-provoking post. Thank you!

Obiri Yaw said...

It looked like God spoil Joseph runs but they still accepted His will. All God needs is a "yes"

Amakamedia said...

Hahaha. . . Obiri, I like the way you put it.

All God wants is a yes.
It may be hard, but say yes anyway.
And believe Him already!

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

Amaks and her intelligent imagination

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