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STORY: I Met Jerry (5)

"Are you never going to kiss me again?" I asked Jerry. We've already had two different dates after our first kiss. And still, he wouldn't kiss me. Why?


We had a dinner date. A date we had both looked forward to. The last time I'd seen him was about 24 hours ago but it'd felt like 24 years. How I missed my Magic! 

I was in a long flowery dress and he was smartly dressed in jeans. We talked, laughed and enjoyed some silence. Being with Jerry is like breathing - he gives me life.

A part of me was graving for his kisses. The other part of me was loving him for every second he didn't kiss me. The good girl in me sure wants to be good but the bad girl in me just wouldn't shut her trap.

"Are you saying you're never going to kiss me again?"
"Baby, I love you." he said calmly.
"Can you just answer my question, please?!" I snapped.
"I love you scatter." he demonstrated the scatter with his hands, and smiled.
Does this man think I'm joking? I didn't smile back at him. Instead, I put up a straight face.
"Baby, I need you to understand something.  . ."
I cut in, "It's either a yes or a no."
"You need to understand something." He had that serious look on his face which always keeps me in check. Always.
"What is it?" Suddenly I was interested.
"I need you to know that I love you."
"Ugh!" I was pissed. 

Who is talking about love here?! I'm talking about kiss, mister man. Jerry. . .kiss me! I screamed on the inside.

As he observed my disposition, he said, "Come here." 
We were sitting very close, I mean very close. His lips could reach my lips from there. But he still wanted me to come.

Whenever Jerry says "come here" even when I'm just right beside him, he wants me to lean on him so he can wrap his muscular arms around me. Something tells me he knows just how magical I feel in his welcoming arms. Well, I always run into those arms - the arms of the one who is holding my heart.

"Wonder, I love so much and I respect your body. I can't touch you because I love God. I love my purpose. And I love you." He said as he stroked my hair.

I sat up immediately. "Wait o! Like no more kissing. Is that it?" 
"Baby, you are safe. You will be fine. I need us to have a pure and godly relationship."

The thoughts in my head were on a sprint race. I couldn't think for a minute. I was numb. Then I closed my eyes. "But why did you kiss me the first time." I asked with my eyes still closed.
"Erm. . .you know. . . it was an emotional moment for us. So. . . we got into the mood. . . and we kissed," he replied gently.
"Baby, I'm sorry." He added.

"You shouldn't have kissed me the first time!" I pushed back the tears that had tried to fall. "You started it. You sparked me up. And now you telling me we are never going to ki. . ." 
He grabbed me. "Oh baby, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. It is hard for me too. It's a tough decision to make. Why can I not kiss and have sex with the woman I truly love? It is because I love God and I love you. I want us to have the best marriage ever. Can we make it work?"

This is the man I dreamed. The man who is determined to let the marriage bed pure and undefiled. The man who loves and obeys God. The man who loves and respects my body. How can I not love him?!

I looked up to heaven and breathed, "Thank You, Lord."

 Lord, help us stay focused. Especially me!

. . .to be continued next week. >>>

*  * *
Eewo. . . Who knows what's going to happen next? How long do you think this will last?

Lemme just go and pray!

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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays . . .giving out  the light.


Tony said...

Whao! I currently am doing that to a woman who I respect dearly. I don't want to throw away the opportunity at a life with her, only to be classified
as a creeper that fits in with the stereotype of men.

If this guy is anything like myself, he respects you a lot. It's not very hard for men to either turn down sex, or to "jump the gun" and start a passionate moment; ironically not very men actually start anything sexual - they presume to take it over instead haha. Back to the point, Mr. Jerry doesn't want to just screw you- he wants the timing to be right, the moment to be superb, and for a real relationship to be established.

Enjoy the ride!

Bukola A said...

Lol! This Amaka ehn! Wait, is this Jerry guy a pastor????? Not all men are like this. Hmnnnnnn

Amakamedia said...

Aww! Thank you very much, Tony! Your comment means a lot to me. You have no idea how much I feel encouraged. Lol. Your woman is really lucky to have you in her life. :)

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Let's say, he is a Christian who loves God like crazy!

Fradulinks said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm.............. All I can say is the lord is ur strength o

lindaspears said...

Hehehehe.... congrats! You have found Mr. Right. Next chapter go be wedding. lol

lindaspears said...

He is a general overseer. lmao

Amakamedia said...

Lmho! Ahdinorsayanything o

Amakamedia said...

Amen. Thanks, Frad. :)

glowyshoe said...

chai amaka ooo...the first kiss was caught in the moment..the next thing that will happen will also be caught in the moment..am happy for you dearie...enjoy your new relationship.

ayanbajo ajibike said...

Amaka am kind of glad for the kind of man jerry is turning out to be, i must say you are lucky to find him in this perverse world, but this takes a lot of work and conscious effort and a lot of prayers because we are human, may God help you both.

Shola said...

This is interesting.........

Chioma Dike said...

Lovely lovely lovely. Jerry is a good man ooo. Just go and marry him. lol

Amos dudenyi said...

ls this story a real story? l wonder whether this is practical. Young people are fornicating out there regardless of them knowing the truth.l love God and l fear him.l don’t want to fornicate.l have a problem that all my girlfriends are living me because l don’t wanna have sex with them.what can l do? I'm getting tired

Lohla windfall said...

I am reaaaalllly loving where this is going to #cheekygrin you found him "I hope"

Erniesha Tibs said...

Okay I missed out big time...Lemme go read the beginning of this buh based on this post, I think it's safe to say things are looking good mami...

munchyberry said...

Kai....God bless Jerry Jor

Pamela Ugochi Orji said...

This is a serious love oo. Waiting patiently for next week.


Honia Honig said...

oh what a sweet post :)


Sage said...

Nice story

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

I refuse to believe this, it is a fiction


frances said...

Fiction ba amaka??
Ok, we dey wait

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