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STORY: I Met Jerry (2)

12 missed calls. . .and Jerry is still calling. I had refused to pick up his calls because I think I might fall in love with him. I have a high tendency of falling in love easily as well as falling out of love quickly. No, I'm not a love junkie. No.

Phone Calls

These are days when you can reach your loved ones via social media platforms such as BBM, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsap and the likes. These platforms make communication easier, faster and cheaper. Unfortunately, Jerry only has my phone number. So he depended solely on phone calls.

The last time Jerry called was only few hours ago. Like. . .

~ phone rings twice ~
~ Amaka picks up ~
Jerry: Hello dear
Amaka: Hey you
Jerry: How are you dear?
Amaka: I'm fine ooo
Jerry: Have you eaten?
Amaka: Yea
Jerry: What did you eat?
Amaka: Erm. . . bread and stew and fish
Jerry: That's okay. What are you doing now?
Amaka: Doing studio things. Trying to edit a jingle. What about you?
Jerry: Work. Work. Work. We are working on our launch project. It's been all work for me *sighs*
Amaka: Eeyah. . . but the koko is that you enjoy what you do na.
Jerry: True. I'm not complaining. All we need is God's grace. This is my purpose. My destiny. My life. I can't joke with it.
Amaka: Hmmmm. . .

I like that Jerry is purpose-driven.

He always talks about fulfilling his purpose and living-with-a-meaning-kinda-thing. Hearing him say those words gets me tripping.

Jerry had become my first caller every morning and last caller every night. We talked about our day and whatever we were working on.

~ phone rings again ~
It's Jerreasonable. 

I still wouldn't pick up. This guy should leave me alone biko. I shrugged.

~ phone beeps ~
Jerry sent me an SMS.

"Amaka, please can you pick up and tell me what's going on?"

. . .to be continued next week. >>>

*  *  *
What if I get arrested on the day Jerry finds out about my blog and the story of 'I met Jerry'? I hope you guys will be there to rescue me ooo. Yes, I remember I have Barr. Frances and Barr. Bola on the blogosphere! *grins*

It seems chapter 3 will be hot. . . can't wait for next Wednesday!   

Missed chapter 1? Click here 

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com

Heart Rays . . .giving out  the light.


lindaspears said...

Oh yeah? Hmmmmmm

E-Rella said...

Amaka!!!!! You are so impossible... Abeg let the river flow and see where it leads.. The Thing was fast for you guys ooh.

Amole John said...

Aha! I saw this coming! When a girl really likes a guy. She would give him her number on the first day. She would be so eager to speak with the guy or answer his call. When she starts loving him and really, really want to talk the guy, she stops picking up his calls. why do you people do this???

Amakamedia said...

Hey Linda! What's on your mind? Say it ooo :D

Amakamedia said...

Hahaha. . . I thought so too

Amakamedia said...

John!!! Are you for real? *covers face* ahdonbelievedis!

Vicky Wendu said...

@AmoleJohn just echoed my thought exactly. You can't deny that you already like this Jerry guy. Hmmmmmmmmmm. oh I get it now! you are testing him. true or false?

Amole John said...

Lol. You know I'm telling the truth

Amole John said...

Bros yes oo! It's so obvious. She said it herself, "I like that Jerry is purpose-driven" "...he gets me tripping" lwkmd4h

Amakamedia said...

*lips sealed*

Kish Olusola OluwaTosin Immanu said...

lolz...... I go love ooo... The guy is kind of caring... lolz yesterday was Barr Bola Husband By day AM SURE SHE IS YET TO WAKE from last night party (Haaaa Immanuel Amebo *lol*)
don't worry amaka we day for you..

Pamela Ugochi Orji said...

hmmm nne, why do i have this deep feeling that you like him already? Lolz. Please God, let Jerry be "THE ONE". I want to chop wedding jollof rice, its been like forever.#winks.

Ugochi said...

Don't be afraid Amaka. Let your spirit lead your heart, you never know...
I think I like this Jerry guy, if he is not faking...
Anyways, if you like him don't stall, and I am not saying you should go cheap either, but don't stall...

Kola said...

LOL! you are in pepper if he finds your blog

Guest said...

12 missed calls already!!! Amaka pity this guy na. Haba! If he is your kind of guy then i think u shud give him a chance. He seems really interested in you.

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

Hahahahahahah, next thing is toasting, he will be like my day is incomplete without you " shuo you don enter am,stalker of life.i pray I don't see my stalker in church 2mao cos I am ready to embarrass him.i don't care!!!!
Hmmmmn, abeg no start love love thing biko.i don't trust people like that*sideeye *

okala chigozie said...

Lolz... I would be on Jerry's side *chauvinist* *winks*

Gloria Okaimam said...

Hmmmm this is an interesting one I know he is in love already and you also likeeeeeee him too the blog he will find out and will love you the more. Lol


Samson Jnr. said...

Amaka, I am seeing something underneath these words of yours oooo. In fact, I have seen the vision. Jerry is the one. No think am. hehehehehe

I love your blog. It's quite real and natural. Keep it up!

Tomi 'Molola said...

Lol Amaka I hope you won't come one day and tell us it was all a dream? That would make me very mad lool

CatwalkwithPat said...

This had better be real cos im loving it already

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CatwalkwithPat said...


kunlexy said...

on the contrary, I think telling a story about your meeting with Jerry is romantic because I find it so. I wish my gf will write a story of our meeting too. lol. Did u say chapter3 will be hot. huh? ok, we will be waiting

Lifetitudes Blog said...

Amaka, why are you not picking his calls if he seems so reasonable?

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