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STYLE: The Year has been Lighted

Happy First Sunday of the Year! I hope you went to church today, whether physically or online? If you didn’t, it is well with you. However, if you did, what did you wear?

Yes, I am interested in knowing what you wore to church? Let me know.

2024 is LIGHT-ED

I am almost accustomed to starting my posts with “I don’t know where this post is headed but…” So I do not want to start like that on this one. Here is what I am going to do instead: 

I am going to share highlights of today’s sermon, ‘Walking in the Light,’ with you while showing you pictures of what I wore to church today. Meanwhile, I worshipped at the Teens church today, and it was truly an uplifting service. 

• In the very beginning before creation, it was all darkness. The default setting of the world system is darkness.

• The difference between a blind man and a man who has sight is the presence of light. In the absence of light, they are both the same. It is the light (Jesus Christ) that differentiates a christian from the world. 

• This year, God wants to shine His light on us. He wants us to SEE.

• Those who are already walking in darkness thrive well in darkness. When you are accustomed to light and you stumble into darkness, you will struggle more. In other words, you cannot compete with the devil in evil-doing.

My favourite family,
My church mamas. I just love their Ankara dresses. 

• Jesus is THE true light that lights up everyone (John 1:9). The default setting of every man is darkness. Until you have an encounter with Jesus, your life will continually remain in darkness. 

• Walking in the light typically implies following Jesus. 

• No matter how dark a room is, if you strike a matchstick, even the tiniest light will be noticed. Darkness has no power where there is light.

What better colour to light up the year than yellow? I love love love it!

I posted one of these pictures on my WhatsApp status sharing that there was a lot going on with yellow today. My sister-friend, ChinyereDistingushed, who now lives in another city, gushed about also wearing yellow to church. She sent me pictures, and that made me so so happpyyy! 2024 is indeed light-ed! Glory!

You already know how I feel about yellow and what I think about yellow light. I believe? 

One surprising thing that happened at church today was that I didn’t get to take a personal photo. It seems this year is not just going to be about me, but also about everyone around me. Let’s light up our world together! 

Pray with me: Father, help me to walk consistently in your light this year. 

Thanks for sharing in my heart rays. 

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-YOU-tiful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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