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DIARY: Thankful For A Great Support System In My Pregnancy Season

I am deeply thankful and blessed to have this amazing people encourage, uplift and help me get through my first pregnancy phase. God bless you!

My Support System

According to Merriem-Webster dictionary; a support system is a network of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support.

There's no one word to describe this set of amazing people in my life. . . Family, friends and peers. I guess my support system is the closest thing that can be used.

I just want to thank you. Thank you for everything you have done for me, everything you do for me and everything I'm sure you will do for me in the future. I am extremely blessed to have you in my corner. 

This entry is specifically for those who gave me PRACTICAL and EMOTIONAL support during my pregnancy season. 

Uche (My Husband’s Cousin): Washed my clothes, cleaned the house, cooked and did the dishes for two weeks. She came at short notice. Quite helpful and resourceful.

Chidinma (My Cousin): Amazing lady. Though preparing for exams, she showed up with love and grace. Chidinma has been with me since I was a teenager, there with me since I was a broken single girl. She has been a great support in my life.

Modesta (My Sister & Fashion Designer): A lady I can tell about my need for a maternity bra and she goes out of her way to get me three. Modesta made my dream maternity dress within my budget. She visited me at each trimester, bringing me fruits and gifts. I can call her my baby’s God-Aunty because, mehn, she is a rare gem. 

Modesta made me the most gorgeous dress for my maternity photoshoot!

Chi (My Husband’s Best Man’s Wife): My relationship with Chi has grown from friendship to a sisterhood. She is always providing me with emotional support. She tells me what I’m going through is normal. She was my Google because she had walked in this path too. Chi visited me with cat fish pepper soup twice. It was one of the tastiest soup I’ve ever had. Kachi also enjoyed it. 

Kachi (My Husband): I can write a whole book about what kind of support this wholesome man I’ve been blessed to call “my husband”. I do not think I’d have been able to make it through without him. Kachi comes back from work at night and goes straight into the kitchen (sometimes after going to the rowdy local market to buy food stuff) to make a meal for us. He never complained about the dirty dishes, unkempt room or my laziness. He was there for me though it all. 

On a more lighter note, Kachi and I ate and drank every thing together. Lol.

Chioma (My Fake Bestie): This naughty girl probably don’t know how special her friendship is to me. Even though she was among the first 5 people I told about pregnancy, she never visited me. Lol. But I give it to her for letting me know beforehand that I’d grow fat. She told me to embrace my new body while it lasts. SMH. It’s cool sha because her support was valid.  When you are informed, you are prepared. And when you are prepared, you are hardly overwhelmed. You just brace up for the challenge. Thanks Chummy!

Auntie Mercy (My Mum’s Youngest Sister):  Thanks to my favourite Auntie ever. Ever since she got to know I was pregnant, she never stopped checking up on me. Auntie Mercy has always been like a guardian Angel. She is one person who randomly calls me and says just the word I needed to hear in that moment. She may not know this but she has been a HUGE blessing to me. She goes all out! All out!

Auntie Mercy visited with my cousins 🥰

Some TWTW Sisters: Ify Halim, Oma, Millicent, Dr. Dolly and ChinyereDistinguished would call me on certain days to pray for me and encourage me. I would never forget the day Millicent and Dr. Dolly called me together (even before I conceived) just to pray for me. I was touched. Then Chinyere called and started sharing her personal pregnancy journey with me without even knowing I was pregnant.

“How do you know I was pregnant?”
 “It is God.” She said.

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