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11 'I Could have Died' Moments

Happy New Week! This might be the most emotional piece I've ever shared on here. *teary eyes* It feels like a reality told in the movies. But these are not made-up stories. I lived in these moments.

11 'I could have Died' Moments

So I stayed up all night thinking about my life. What am I doing, living? Why am I not dead yet? As I kept pondering over these questions. I remembered the moments I was close to death by just a second.

When you see death so close, you will learn to appreciate life.

1. At Conception: I was only a foetus at that time. Mum didn't know she was pregnant until 3 months after. Her stomach was flat and sexy. She could have carelessly washed me away. But she didn't.

2. At Birth: I was mum's first baby. I didn't come out very easy. Lol. I could have just died there. But no, I was born alive.

3. Sickness: I was almost thought to be a sicklier. Yet I have no S in my genes. I was taken to the hospital countless times.
(I wanted to post a pic of me as a primary school pupil here but I changed my mind. I looked so sick.)

4. Okada Accident: This accident happened right in front of the house. I had not started using glasses at that time. So I didn't see the motorcycle (okada). Although, the motorcyclist (okada man) was blamed because he had no headlight. When he hit me, I fell and found myself in the hospital. I could have died.

5. Bomb Explosion: Those who live on Lagos Mainland will remember this experience in 2002 which claimed thousands of lives. I could have also died, but I didn't.

6. House on Fire: I cannot exactly remember what happened that day. I was so young (I still am tho) at that time. A part of the house caught fire.Thank God the fire was extinguished right on time. I could have died.

7. Moving Train: I had just had a break-up. I was lost in thoughts. My mind was far away from my body. I didn't see the train coming as I was walking absent-mindedly towards the railway at Oshodi market. People shouted and threw sticks at me before I was alert again. I could have died.

8. Tear-gas Experience: Back in Akure, I took a walk with my girlfriends - Tara and Suzzy. Some boys started a fight on the street which turned out violently. Police came around and sprayed (is that the right word?) tear gas in the air. I was choking and almost loosing my breathe. I could have died.

9. Leg Injury: I had an injury in my big toe which lasted for almost six months. It kept healing and resurfacing. There were so many scary reports about that injury. I was told it was infected with some sorta disease. But God delivered me. I could have died.

10. Mango: This is the only fruit I can never eat again. One day, I ate mango and had the worst stomach upset ever. I thought I'd died when I fainted, but I woke up.

11. In my Sleep: I temporarily die when I sleep. Some slept and never made it back to life. Each day is a gift from God. I could have died before now but God's kept me for such a time as this.

I have every reason to celebrate the gift of life. . . the gift of today. . . the gift of now.

This list is not exhaustive. Through it all, I have realized that dying is not hard, but living is. People die everyday, but not everyone lives. I've come to that point where I care more about how I live now than how I will die later. I want my life to matter now and today. I've got a lot of living to do before I die. Time dey go!

Meanwhile, it's my birthday and blogiversary week. Erm. . . I'm actually really trying to remind you that my birthday is on Friday, June 26.  ;)

Have you also had any 'I-could-have-died' moment? Please share and inspire us with the life lessons you got through those moments. 

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Christy said...

I don't know if this counts as a near-death experience. I was 11. I had an acute case of bronchitis. It was all I could do to drag air into my lungs and shove it back out again. I was exhausted from the effort. I had no breath left for speaking. It was as if someone had poured molasses into my lungs. I remember one particularly bad night when I was struggling to breathe and my mother came into my room and sat with me. I remember the look in her eyes of helplessness. I remember wanting to tell her to go back to bed because I knew she had to work...but I didn't have the breath left to say it. I also remember being so very glad that she stayed. I was not alone. By her staying there, I knew she would take care of me.

The lesson I learned is that sometimes, you don't have to "DO" anything to be helpful. You just have to be physically present.

The lesson I learned is that while medicine can help the body, it can't give you peace, comfort, or love.

I also learned how terrifying it is to feel alone or helpless and how simple it is to ease that feeling in another.

Sarah said...

I can relate to #7! Heart break is such a terrible thing. i spent 3years with a broken heart, with no will to live. Heart break for me is a "i could have died' experience. Very terrible!
i learned that it all ends up in how you make others feel, how do others make you feel, how it feels to make such actions.

Amakamedia said...

Whao! Sweet Sarah, you've got a strong heart. 3 years is a long time but obviously you became a better, stronger, not so vulnerable & a much more sensitive person from your experience. You've got more living to do!

Amakamedia said...

I think many people underestimate the living death that a broken heart can cause. I'm glad i went through it. Yes, I'm a better person.

Sarah said...

I think many people underestimate the living death that a broken heart can cause. I'm glad i went through it. Yes, I'm a better person. Thank you so much

Amakamedia said...

Hi Christy, that was deep. A need to be present! Iwill not forget what I just learnt from you. . .

Thanks for the inspiration, sweetie!

lindaspears said...

Amaka!!!! you have started again. Could have died moment...... hmmmmm. It's official, you are The weirdest blogger I know. lol.
Well, I will share this experience....A few years ago, I slept in the hospital bed for two days; I had severe back pain for quite a few weeks prior, and I needed to get it checked out, though I never thought it would be something serious until I went through a surgery, but I learnt much from the experience.

I suppose the top three things would be:

1) The world is beautiful.
2) Life is a gift- don't put it to waste.
3) Don't ever not do something just because of fear.

Amakamedia said...

hahaha. . . I'm not weird jhorr! The idea is to see the need to live your life so you have no regrets when you die.

And that was a beautiful one, Linda. Thanks for the inspiration. :)

KayCee Blunt said...

Lol. #1 and #10 got me laughing oooo....are you serious? Your mum didn't know she was pregnant until 3 months. How possible is that? hehehehe

Dele said...

I think one of the greatest fears people have, is death. Once we face death, there is not too much else to be frightened of. Cool post. Happy birthday in advance.

Tomi 'Molola said...

Funny how I can't think of any now. Thank God you're alive, how else would I have found your blog? God isn't finished with you yet!

Fradulinks said...

What an interesting way to announce your birthday. Lol. Happy birthday in advance dear. Where is the venue for the parry?

Gloria Okaimam said...

This is a very great post. I have several but let me share few. This one i was still very young. Mum said they rushed me to Eku(delta state). It was so tough that they shave my hair but still couldn't find a vein. According to the story my dad was already crying but thank God am alive today.. There was a time I left Lagos at almost 7:30 was heading to Benin. God saw me through the journey.
God has indeed been faithful. Happy birthday /anniversary in advance dearie. God is sure taking you to a higher place..


glowyshoe said...

so many instances but the recent was a face to face with a dare devil robber when i was serving,,twas God that saved me...


Chisom said...

when i was like 2 i fell into a lake, I was pulled out of the water. I could have died but God has a purpose for my life. Lovely post.

Write4u2 said...

This is very inspiring. I agree with you. An I-could-have-died moment gives us a new outlook on life and we realize how precious life and relationships are. Our eyes are opened to new possiblities and we try harder to enjoy each day. I was very sick in 2011 and since that time, I value every day and try to see the best in every situation and in every person. Sickness really is an eye-opener. Great post!

Deborah Anyeasi said...

A very interesting post.I too have had many almost died experience but I dont know if I have the guts to write about it.

ayanbajo ajibike said...

none of such moments that i can remember, but am always thankful to God for life, cause what seems normal to me cost others their life, happy birthday in advance Amaka

Amakamedia said...

Sometimes it is our gutsiness that people admire the most! I say "tell it all”, Sweet Debby!

Amakamedia said...

You have just summarized this post - To value and enjoy each day. Thank you!

PS: I've featured your comment for this post. It's very inspiring!

Amakamedia said...

That person who said: "when there is life, there is hope" really understood the meaning of life. Sweet Glo, God didn't preserve your life for nothing. . . He has plans for your life. Your better days are just ahead!

Thanks for sharing your rays with me, sweetie. :)

Amakamedia said...

*hugs* God bless you beautiful heart, Mo.

P.S. I tried to reach you yesterday.

Amakamedia said...

I find it funny too o

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

It reminds me of my days when we go to Yaba to shop on the railway, I never knew a train was approaching, the train didn't give any signal. The train was so speeding that it was almost close I dint know how I jumped over a sellers counter. The train crushed lot of people in my presence. I don't know how I escaped, it was God.
Till now anytime I see a train, I have goosebumps, the gory memory lingers


frances said...

Happy birthday in advance Amaka..your day's tomorrow!
May you indeed live like God wants you to-fully and thriving in all respects.
Much love sis :-)

John de Beloved said...

" I have got a lot of living to do before I die..." Hmmmnnn really strong words Bubba... So one boy broke ya heart and you went to be strolling infront of train ba?! I PiRRy uou... Inshort.... Thhheeee loooorrrdddddd is ya muscle... heheheheh... You see ehn Bubba... This post.. especially it's concluding part preaches a strong message... we have only 1 life to live... and each day shortens it... so let's live our life with as much passion as we can muster... Let's Dance like no one is watching... Cause when we are dead ba Amaka... we are DEAD. **Drops Mic... and walks away in Humility...

Brian said...

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