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STYLE: Decide What Story Your Family Will Tell

I’ve mentioned a couple times or twenty that What-I-Wore Sunday feature posts have been a little bit of a challenge since I moved to my husband’s church. Thankfully, today's post-church pictures turned out better than usual; our faces didn't scream, “I am hungry and I want to go home!”

Decide What Story Your Family is Going to Tell

Family style in ankara

Everyone who knows me know that I love the fabric called Ankara. I practically live in it. You should come visit me sometime and see the wonders my family does with the fabric. The beautiful colours and patterns inherent in Ankara is how we want our family story to be. 

Bright. Vibrant. Colourful. Attractive. Glamourous. Expressive. African. Bold. Versatile. Unique. 

You know what I mean. All those good stuff.  

Ankara style 2024

I like to imagine my children being asked, what do you like about your family?

And they go like,

“Oh, I love how bright, bold and colourful we are about living and loving. We do not hold back or step away when it comes to expressing ourselves.”

I want that. I pray for it. And I am modeling that by the grace of God. 

Mother and daughter Ankara style
Family matching Ankara outfit

I've been working on writing projects both big and small, fun and personal, professional and playful. (And various, delightful combinations of each!) I really honed in on the power of story. I clearly see how stories–in every area of life are the driving force behind society.

What stories do you believe, tell, and act upon?

I want pictures and videos capturing the simple and extraordinary, everyday life I live with my family. The best life I want them to know about when they grow up, simply because it’s our story.

Couple in Ankara

I am absolutely grateful for my family. I am totally convinced that we wear matching Ankara outfits as often as we can for a purpose. By the way, if our personal narrative doesn't define us, then what's the point?

We can choose what story to tell about ourselves and share it the way we choose.

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.”

Countless pieces of my life have been wrapped up in things that have happened to me. Parts of my journey so painful, and yet, these are beautiful fragments that produce the story of my life.

Ankara baby style 2024
Family of 4 in ankara

You know it’s actually deceitful to think it is “my” story. Oh, how wrong! God owns all our stories. Without Him, there would be no story to tell. His story of redeeming love weaves through my story. His story of power to transform broken, dark lives has also become mine.

When you tell your story and I tell mine, we testify that God has given us the grace to live this eternal life creatively. Not just a life we look forward to in heaven, but a life we live here every day.

Only God knows the eternal impact when you tell your story.

Styling the family in ankara

It’s so hard not to tell the story of my life. I mean! I love what God is doing IN it. Oh, I love to see it! 

You, my sweetheart, have so many good reasons to tell the story about your life, too. Let’s write it, speak it, and share it everywhere we go. Our story brings Good News to others.

P.S This post is coming up on a Monday night because I couldn’t finish it up yesterday. It’s okay.

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