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Writing From Scratch Is No Longer Scratching, Is It?

I do not promote myself enough. No, scratch that. I do not market my products and services enough. It’s high time I started hyping up my own enterprise. 

Let me know if it’s working. ;)

‘I Write’ or ‘AI Right’

Recently, someone asked me why I had not been churning out content as I was doing before I got married. I laughed and I was surprised by the sound of that laughter.

Prior to that moment, such question would have taken me aback. I would have beaten myself up for not producing fruits as much as I wanted to. Thankfully, I had grown into a woman who knows what she has been called to bear in this season. 

If it was not because the question came right after a heartfelt appreciation of how one of my blog posts had helped her out, I would not have bothered with a response. However, I gave a reply stating that my content focus had evolved into videos and encouraged her to subscribe to my YouTube channel

Perhaps the reply was not satisfactory enough. This person now mistakenly said: Ahan, there is ChatGPT to help you create content nah. You can even transcribe your videos to text with AI.

I laughed again. But this time, the laughter was a private moment within me. No one heard it.

“Is this the devil or what?”

“Should I rely on AI to help me create content?”

“Where was AI when I was creating the 1000+ articles for Heart Rays over the years?”

As a writer, in that moment, I hated ChatGPT. I hated every Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool robbing writers of the richness and fullness we deserve to enjoy in the creation process. 

I’m all about the process. I looove the process of creating something beautiful. It’s one way to discover what we’re truly capable of.

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Take me out of the creation process, and you take me out of the project. 

My best writings are my worst creative process. 
They are the ones I write when I don’t know what to write
They are the ones I started writing from the middle.
They are the ones I barely understood while it was pouring.
They are ones I do not know what title it deserves.
They are the ones that expose the wounds in my heart.
They are the ones that I was too scared to write. 

I will not let AI rob me of all the adrenaline. 

I know the difference between writing to be paid and writing to fulfill purpose. AI can help with the former, but not with the later. Never. Nah.

Purposeful writers write as close to every single day as they can manage. They write about things that interest them, things they are passionate about. They say the words that can’t be held inside anymore. They build their life around writing because that is what they enjoy. They don’t try to fit it in throughout their day, they let it flow in its own ordained time, generally early hours in the morning when most people are still asleep. They care about it that much. They may not even care about the rewards too. But, it’s always nice to get paid for doing what you love. 

Of course, it is possible to write 10 click-bait articles a day and make a lot of money. Many people are doing that. I would love to ask them if they love their work. If they can see themselves doing it for the rest of their life. I want to know whether they have a following of people who enjoy their writing style, or whether they have a following around a specific topic.

As long as I am still breathing, I do not see myself getting tired of sharing content or running out of ideas. I am living out loud, anyway.  

I’m still getting 20,000+ views monthly. Those stories are still circulating out there. Thankfully, they are impacting people in positive ways. I know this because I get tons of emails. I even got one last Saturday that made my husband say, “Babe, read that line again”. 

Nothing can rob you of the joy that comes from a positive feedback like this. Keep creating and pushing your authentic self to be better, great things will come your way. 

I’ve met people who are very crazy about AI. When I say crazy, I mean really crazy. They cannot do anything without referring to AI. It can be so irritating to be around such people. Ah.

I do empathize with those who cannot write from scratch, at least partially. As much as I do rely on ChatGPT and other AI tools for various tasks throughout the day, I—and not AI—am still writing on Heart Rays entirely by myself (through the help of the Holy Spirit), occasionally with some inspiration from other humans.

If this was written by AI, would you not know it?

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-you-tiful.

Written by Nwamaka Onyekachi
Let's connect on Twitter: @Amakamedia
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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