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STYLE: I Can’t Wait To Start Matching Outfits With My Daughter(s)

Trends come and go in fashion, but some trends seem to stay forever. One of those styles that have been around for several years now is “twinning”, or like I prefer to call it, “matching” — simply wearing outfits of the same colour/fabric/style combinations with two or more people at the same time in the same location. This can be applied to friends, siblings, lovers, and family members.

I loovvvvveeeet! 

Mummy and Daughter Matching Outfits

Matching outfits is my thing. It’s so much fun to do. It gets my creative juice flowing. It takes a lot of time sometimes, but hey, the positive feeling it gives outweighs the cons. Amongst other things, I believe it fosters the feeling of closeness and intimacy.

As a Christian single lady, I matched outfits with my mum, brothers, friends, colleagues, and even strangers (coincidentally, lol). 

Then I got married, I haven’t stopped matching with my husband ever since! 

Now, I’m a mother of two girls, tell me, what do you expect? To keep matching, of course! Haha!

When my little girl was born, every now and then I would catch sight of her out of the corner of my eye, and what I saw would almost take my breath away. In profile or around the mouth, I could see myself, the genetic line clear and obvious.

It made my heart burst with joy that such an intimate connection to this beautiful being could be seen. “Look, look!” I’d want to yell. “Can you see? She looks like me. You can tell she’s my daughter.” And then, she would turn another way, and it would fade.

Even though I’m yet to see myself in her again, I enjoy seeing piece of my clothes/style on her. 😉 

You’re probably thinking that any photo you take of your child is special. But trust me when I say that wearing matching outfits would elevate your photos to a whole new level. It’s just like having a miniature you, posing together for the camera. 

Besides, you won’t be able to do it for long as your daughter would soon find her own style when she grows up. So while she’s still looking to you as her fashion guide, make the most out of it and store as many memories as you can.

I’m extra sha. I’m matching outfits with the whole family. Lmho! Not only do we think about each other when we wear the same thing, but we also feel a closer bond with each other. It's just as effective as taking a trip or playing games together.

Cheers to more matching outfits, making photo/video memories and creating style blog posts out of them. Yeah, you shall be seeing more this year. Amen?

Thanks for coming over.

Stay positive.
Stay inspired.
Stay be-you-tiful. 

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