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STYLE: You Don’t Have To Buy Maternity Clothes (Stop Wasting Money)

I’ve come to discover that being pregnant is an interesting season— emphasis on “interesting”.

What’s interesting during those 40 weeks can be so out of the ordinary — it's nice to do things so you still feel like yourself throughout the season. For me, that meant holding onto my personal style, even though I couldn’t wear most of my clothes anymore.

Maternity Clothes Without Spending 

Shop for maternity clothes

Can you wear regular clothes when Pregnant? — and the answer is absolutely YES! In fact, I make it a point to wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant. Not only is it totally possible to wear non-maternity clothes while pregnant, but it is also flattering. You can find regular non-maternity clothes that will accommodate a bump to be just as comfy and supportive as maternity clothes, and that you can continue to wear postpartum.

Judging by my imposed sedentary lifestyle, I spent a lot of my pregnancy in my birthday suit. When I was clothed, my go-to pregnancy looks were the same clothes I have always had in my wardrobe: I actually wanted to buy new clothes that would grow with my belly but I find most maternity clothes are pretty expensive and not that cute. So buying too many pieces I probably won’t wear again just didn’t make any sense to me. I decided to explore creative ways to wear non-maternity clothes as a mum-to-be.

It was challenging at times, but it turned out to be the same kind of strategy I used to repeat my clothes without anyone knowing.

Shop For Maternity Outfits In Your Wardrobe 

I love how some of my clothes can be worn before and after pregnancy, they don’t scream maternity because they are so comfortable and chic.

Before and during pregnancy

Tip: Spot one of your favourite skirts and wear it a little higher on your stomach, making sure not to constrict your precious cargo, of course. (This may be a little uncomfortable for you but it wouldn't hurt your baby.)

Maternity and non-maternity clothes

Flaunt Your Belly

Though this might sound counterintuitive, I found that the bigger I got, the more I craved body-con clothes. I had dresses that I used to skip over because they were too unforgiving, but guess what? I WANTED to flaunt my baby bump. I stuck to sleek body-con dresses (that still have stretch  of course— blood flow is important!).

For those items that aren't skin tight, I tried to accentuate my "waist" with a small belt, or choose garments with high-waist drawstrings.

Maternity outfit inspiration

Yeah, Kachi was also into the maternity style thingy. Lol. I will show you how we stayed matching Ankara outfits all through our pregnancy in another post. Click here

Before and during pregnancy
Posted this outfit on IG in 2018

What if I told you I’ve had these featured clothes long before I got married? I’m totally into vintage clothing style. Timeless clothes that are not based on trends are so me. I do not want to look at my pictures twenty years down the road and think to myself, “What in the world was I wearing?!”

The only thing that can’t be timeless are my glasses. They suck sometimes. Lol.

Baby bump fashion

Clothing that makes you feel bump-positive is a must. Truly, any clothing that makes you feel good is a must, no matter what shape your body is.

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