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STYLE: The Belt Of Truth

Happy Style-Sunday! Hope you went to church? Today I want to tell you about something important: my red belt. Issa belt appreciation post. 😀

The Belt

I love belts. Not just because they draw attention to your waist, but also because they add colour and give fit to your outfit. I wear them a whole lot.

Belts are important pieces to have.

If you read Ephesians 6:10–17, you'll notice that the belt of truth is the first piece of the “full armour of God” to be listed there.

When Apostle Paul describes the armour of God, he was talking about the tools available for us as Christians to overcoming the attacks and onslaughts of the devil.

And he chooses to begin describing that set of armour by talking about . . . a belt?

Why, of all things, a belt?

He could have started with the mighty sword of the Spirit, the towering shield of faith, the shining breastplate of righteousness—anything but some measly old belt. But he didn't. So that begs the question—why?

As usual, I studied and here is what I found:

It is the belt that holds everything else. 

The Matthew Henry Commentary says the belt "girds on [secures] all the other pieces of our armour." Truth of GOD's WORD should cleave to us as a belt cleaves to our body.

If the belt of truth was out of place, other things, like his sword, would be out of place.

Truth is very important. The belt is very important.

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So in the spirit of fashion, my belts are very important to me.

Today's Sunday-Style features my red belt that have been worn here — Showing you more pictures of how I pretty much use it to hold up separates, give fittings to my dresses and add a "pop" entirely.

The red belt holds this top and skirt together
The red belt adds depth to the stripes (and fitting too)

What does truth have to do with a belt?

A belt encircles the waist. Does our conviction to the truth encircle you? Truth, God's Word must be bound around us and written on our hearts.

As a "soldier of Christ", if our other tools are not firmly supported by truth, we are in danger!

the red belt adds depth and colour to this outfit

Without our belt of truth, there is no weapon.

Know the value of truth in your heart. When you find truth, embrace it and keep it. Let nothing tear it away from you and you away from it. Most importantly, live it.

Happy Sunday!
Stay inspired.
Stay belted.
Stay beautiful.

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