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PODCAST: Merry Christmas! What Does Christmas Mean To You?

It's Christmas! Merry Christmas sweeties! Christmas is perceived to mean different things to different people based on the way it's being celebrated and the reason behind the celebration. For many people it means eating a lot and spending time with family and visiting relatives and friends. For others it often means receiving gifts, gifts and gifts!

I went on the streets to ask Nigerians what the season mean to them. Listen to what some of them said . . . 

AMAKAMEDIA wishes you a Merry Christmas! As you celebrate the glory of this miraculous season, may your heart be filled with love, peace, and joy. May Christ be born in your heart. May His blessings follow you and yours into the New Year. *hugs and kisses*
Here is a little something for you, just pick one:

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  • 5847-1359-0390-2295
  • 3410-4740-6802-3960
  • 22813-82385-44902
  • 6634-6359-7770-1344
  • 9480-7554-8182
  • 6329-7268-1358-3151
  • 6634-6359-7770-1344

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