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PODCAST: Be Beautiful Like That

Yipee! It's Friday! A beautiful one at that. *smiles* Tell the closest person to you right now how beautiful he/she is. It will go a long way.
You are beautiful like that.
Alrightie, who remembers when I asked, what makes a woman beautiful? So I met this stranger who gave me the best answer ever. I will never forget his face. And most importantly, I will never forget the way he made me feel. I'll cherish it forever.

Rays of Beauty. . .

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Featured song: 'Beautiful' by Frank Edward

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Have a beautiful weekend!

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia


Tobee said...

I like your blog. Very interesting and creative.

Gloria Okaimam said...

Wow this is so nice. Indeed we are all beautiful the way we are I have also had a stranger tell me that sometime ago so I know the feeling especially when you aren't in your best.


KayCee Blunt said...

Nice one. Did this "stranger" collect your phone number? lol

Sarah said...

Couldn't listen. But I know it is nice. lol

shanta islam said...

Omg! Great Post. Love your collection and choice....

shanta islam said...

Świetne ubrania, poklikałam!:)
Omg! Great Post. Love your collection and choice....

bolateethole.blogspot.com said...

Kaycee blunt what's your own if he collects her number, are you jealous .
I am beautiful I am beautiful this thing *in Jenifa voice


Glowyshoe said...

We are really beautiful just the way we are..we should bever forget that


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